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For all you IV league'ers out there... What is the standard collegiate dress? Do you generally wear Ralph Lauren chinos? Please, this is for a book. I really need to get my stereotype right, so generalise so as not to include any of your own prejudices. Thanks a lot --European Interloper
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I went to an Ivy League school (Yale) and can tell you that students there dress no differently than students at any other school.  There might have been a time when students wore chinos and tweed jackets, but that time is long gone.  You are probably referring more to the look sported by graduates of the prestigious New England prep schools (Andover, Exeter, St. Paul's, etc.) that populate Ivy League schools in large numbers.  In my opinion, there is nothing that says "New England prep" more than the Patagonia fleece pullover (get it in forest green or beige).  Combine it with jeans, woolen socks, Tevas, and a steaming mug of coffee, and you've got the look down pat.  Of course I graduated a number of years ago, so the kids might be dressed differently today.
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When I was in college, navy peacoats were popular. As for chinos, I believe that GAP was the most popular brand, although the pre-meds often wore Dockers in an imitation of med students in an imitation of fully certified doctors.
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I wasn't Ivy, but I went to a good private southern American uni. (Interviewed in Boston, and couldn't take the cold. Which is why I'm now in the middle of Central Europe, of course....) Where I went, the standard look was pretty much khaki trousers or cargo shorts on the bottom with polos, oxfords, or t-shirts on top. Jeans were in relatively short supply, especially compared to in Europe. Shoes were most likely to be Birkenstocks, Doc Martens, Tevas, or those hideous chunky "dress" things proffered by Kenneth Cole and Adam Derrick/To Boot New York, although I was not alone in my affection for low, sleek loafers. Most guys got their clothes from Banana Republic, J. Crew, Eddie Bauer, the Gap, and Abercrombie & Fitch, with a few going for A|X Armani Exchange or BCBG/Max Azria. People tended to spend money on coats, even though we wore them sparingly. Peace, JG
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This movement towards ultra-casual in all situations is such a shame and I don't think we'll ever recover from it. You ever wonder why aliens always wear those matching silver suits? Well it's my opinion that Gap and AF are gonna get us there too ;p
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Um. Having been called a preppy, pretty boy myslef, i think I can comment here. although, i only dress that way sometimes. The ultimate preppy outfit: khakis-flat front, from Gap or BR Shoes-Kenneth cole if you're really stylin', or Doc Martens if you want ot be Safe (the preference of most) never tennis shoes. never deviatiing from conservative black/brown Shirt-Oxford, subtle patterns, blue usually good. J Crew, AE outfitters, Gap, Ralph Lauren, Van Huesen sometimes wiht an undershirt peeking from under the collar Coat-lots of options here. if you want to try and appear more hip-an 'antiqued' denim jacket, also navy/black/etc pea coat, or (if you're older and more sophistacted/stuck on yourself) a navy sports jacket. Leather car coat is aceptable, too. Sweaters- preferably lambswool or nicer. Pea greens, nuetrals, etc. Usually v-neck, or a high turtle-neck Have to have good hair(nothing outrageous), teeth(porbably bleached), and skin(clear, often tan, but not too much). I think that covers it. I may have left something. It is a lok that you can't just wake up and throw whatever on. It has to be arefully orchestrated, which is what make spreppies so silly and annoying
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