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Corduroy pants

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Seeing how fall is coming up, I'm looking for a good pair of corduroys to wear, seeing as how my current cheap pair has just started to fall apart. Any recommendations on brands? I'm pretty much limited to online shopping, so I might just end up getting something off Land's End, J Crew, or BR, but I'd like to hear any other recommendations before I do. I'm probably going to play it safe and get khaki or brown cords, but I'd also like to know what colors work best for cords in general. Finally, I have a brown tweed sportcoat I'd like to wear and I'm wondering whether that would go well with corduroys or whether it would just make me look like an old college professor.
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Kenneth Cole has cords that go _horizontally_. I don't know if it's supposed to be fattening, but it's certainly a little cheeky (though I'd wager KC wasn't the first to do this.) The Neiman Marcus online store has Zegna Sport cords at a significantly higher price point. I've seen them up close, they're good, but not amazing. The fit works better for me (close to the leg, not loose or tight) but YMMV.
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I really like my five-pocket (aka jeans-cut) cords. I think they're by Valentino Garavani's old Jeans label. (Does Valentino Jeans still exist?) They're decently made, and the price was right: I got them for something under fifteen bucks a year or two ago at the one of the big outlets outside of Florence. Until these break, I won't see a need for another pair of cords in my wardrobe. Peace, JG
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I'm currently wearing a pair of Dickies Corduroy Jeans, I got them new for $10 online.
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I've seen the Kenneth Cole cords you are speaking of. They aren't bad at all, and I like the twist. They only seem to look good on skinny guys or, at the very least, not-fat guys.
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