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Paul Rose 17oz slim size 29, 1 cold soak, 1 warm soak, worn off and on since Jay got them in.


The leg twists a lot more than other unsanforized denims I'm used to. Pics don't do it justice. It also quickly develops a soft texture with wear. My only complaint is the TINY fly.



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Anyone have the measurements on the shirts?

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I picked up a pair of the 14.5 oz slims ... these feel noticeably heavier and stiffer than my other 14.5 oz denim.
I also feel that the fly is short in relation to the length of the front rise.
The 10 oz leather patch is beastly ... makes the patches on my other pairs feel like paper.
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Does anyone know if the Paulrose brand has been discontinued? There is little info about this brand when you google it, and this thread has died.
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i haven't heard much about them since they came out. i like the heritage pair i have quite a bit. beautiful detailing and denim
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I've wondered the same. I've picked up a pair on sale at Tate+Yoko (black, relaxed). I like them.
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I have a pair of the heritage fit black jeans as well. The denim is awesome, but the pocket openings are too tight for me so I end up never wearing them. I keep meaning to post them on b&s, but I feel like the brand never got enough traction for people to recognize them.
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