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Getting Grensons, Not Sure About Sizing/Soles

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Hey everybody,

I have weirdly shaped feet.  I was a big kid, and I think my feet splayed a bit, and I have a pretty high instep.  I can fit in to an American 12-I wear Bass Saddle Shoes in a 12 with substantial difficulty, and fit perfectly in to Converse High-Tops after a month of blood blisters.  To be totally honest, I'm sensitive about my feet size-they kept me from some great shoes in the past.  


I'm really in to Tan leather Grenson shoes, of the Fred-Sharp variety.  Particularly the Sharp.


The biggest difference I am sure about is the bit more brogue going back, but in other pictures there seems to be more of a difference.  


I live in the American Mid-West, so my online suppliers of Grensons are limited, and I will be living in snowy-icy conditions for a long time.  I'd prefer to get this with a boot sole, but I can't find the Fred V in a UK 12 anywhere besides Barney's, and Barney's is 50 dollars more expensive.  And annoying.  


I am concerned about sizing, so shipping/returns are an issue, so I'm probably going to buy the Sharps on Mr Porter

in a UK Size 12.  


Does anyone have experience with these?  Is there something weird about the sizing? Does anyone know how I could buy the Tan Leather Freds with the boot sole? Any reason I might fit in to a UK 11?  I have not bought boots since I was a kid. Is there something different about sizing them?

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Not what you're looking for, but free shipping both ways if you just wanted to test out their sizing (not that I'm telling you to do that mwink[1].gif):Grenson on bonobos

I have a pair of the Stanley, and they definitely fit large. Size down .5-1 based on my experience.
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Run large as in for a UK (making a 12 something like a 13.5) or running large for an American (making a 12 something like a 12)?

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Runs large for UK. I have 9.5UK and typically take an 11US. May have been able to squeeze a 9UK even, but meh they look good.
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So what are the odds that I would fit in to an 11?  If it is about a 12.5, I might be, but if a 12 is really more like a normal 13 then that would be fine.

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Stop squeezing your feet into shoes that are slightly too small. I know how it feels to be subconscious about your foot size (I wear a 12UK also) but comfort is better than your perception that a half size down will make a difference in appearance.

Walk comfortably, friend, or you will regret it later.

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The primary issue here is not the size, so much as the sole.  I really want a boot sole so I can wear it when it is a bit icy, but the Sharps have a plain leather sole.  

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