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Can anyone comment on the quality of COS leather sneakers?

Thinking of getting these!

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Has anyone had any luck with some COS that isn't very tight in the arms/chest? Tried some stuff on yesterday, but didn't have much time, and it seemed quite tight in the arms - especially the jacket I'd been looking at. I do have ~15 inch arms at 5'9, so if anyone found some stuff that is a bit loose in the arms it'd be nice to know :)

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Has anyone tried the wool cashmere coat? The price is not bad considering the material, but wonder if the construction is solid.

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My tech layer coat from last year has held up really well, no loose threads or anything besides the buttons which I've had to re-attach. Granted, retail was a bit more for that than the one above, but I doubt there's any noticeable difference in construction
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Fabric and construction on that one is fine, if it's the same as last year which it looks like. It's very square/boxy and sharp in the shape and the fabric wont drape much, just so you know. It didn't work for me when I tried it on anyway.

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I've scanned this thread, but haven't really been able to get a sense of how COS fits (maybe because it's pretty inconsistent?). I'm thinking of ordering a shirt and maybe a jacket. In NYC, so can't try on. I'm usually an XL in brands like Surface to Air or APC, a large in other less fitted brands. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks in advance -
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I haven't tried on a whole lot, but my experience was that it was very slim, which is the main reason I haven't bought anything from COS yet, as everything is too tight on me (or too long if I size up).

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Anyone handled the Raglan sleeve coat? Is it worth retail? Looking for a longish wool coat and this looks pretty nice.
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