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I believe they do them every season

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i received this "oxford" shirt in white http://www.cosstores.com/Shop/Men/Shirts/Tailored/Slim-fit_oxford_shirt/10605454-342598.1#4215163
but what they sent me is definately not oxford fabric, it's popeline. kinda stupid
at least the shipping was free
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what is size 37 for the shirts?

edit nevermind see its size small want to try this brand out but i'm pretty sure i need extra small. anyone have a size 37 shirt that could measure it?
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Originally Posted by Urthwhyte View Post

I believe they do them every season


They have done them for the past few seasons but the cut, fabric and colour have been different each season.

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I don't have any measurements, but when I tried a 37 on, it felt a bit smaller than your usual small, say from H&M.
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Yeah, 37 is bordering on XS.

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would like measurements to be sure because i'd have to get a proxy and returning would be expensive... thanks for the responses though smile.gif
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This bomber jacket is a casual style made from smooth scuba fabric. A standard fit with a lightweight mesh lining, it has two front pockets and ribbed edges.
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Wow a scuba fabric bomber? That's pretty damn cool, would love to hear someone's in person impressions
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Had a quick look around a store today and a few things i saw online looked much less impressive in real life :( Some of the suiting looked great though.  Raw edged and collarless jacquard blazers both nice.


Also had an order arrive today with some stuff...will really need to wait until tomorrow to look under natural light i suppose. BUT... Kimono sleeve knit - quite nice fit on this.  Isn't shiny despite the acrylic content (39%).  Seems to have less definition under all that fluff than the picture suggest online...which bring me to the shedding....woah!  I get the impression this will cause havoc with anything under it, and anything over it.  I'll need to experiment tomorrow.  The high neck is nice.  Very warm and pretty chunky.  Funnel neck jacket - nice construction, not overly warm but relatively substantial.  Fit is quite big which surprised me... elasticated ribbing at the bottom means it tends to flare quite dramatically at the back when zipped up, and the press studs look a little odd just dangling around when it's unzipped.  Will need to try it on in front of a full mirror but i'm not totally enamoured.  Classic roll neck jumper - nothing special... but wasn't expecting it to be.  Good slim fit.  I have some roll necks coming from Uniqlo and depending on them i might back this one.  Wool flannel cap - lovely but the fit is just awkward on me.  Could look cool on someone it worked for.  And that's it!


Best things i've bought are still the wool / linen and the oversized textured melange knits.

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received the wool coat with tech vest today. 46 fits spot on, no need to return.

took me 2mins to pick up my package, as i walked out there was a girl writing me a parking ticket, so free shipping actually cost me €60 ffffuuuu.gifffffuuuu.gifffffuuuu.gifffffuuuu.gifffffuuuu.gifffffuuuu.gifffffuuuu.gifffffuuuu.gif
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nice to hear, guessing it fits you a bit slimmer than it fits me?
(post pics :))

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finally getting a proxy for my first cos item to try a shirt in size 37. here's to hoping it fits like extra small otherwise i'm going to have to just watch for when they have 36's to give that a try.
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forgot to mention a while back almost been a month since cos e-mailed me saying they would get back to me for measurements on a size 37 shirt i wanted.....
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They were pretty good at getting back to me. Normally within a day or two....
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