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Originally Posted by djt00 View Post

Sale will be starting soon...



Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Selection wasn't hidden yesterday. There was nothing in it tho. :D


25th according to a friend who works there.

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Sale started
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Nothing i wanted there...

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Webshop seems to be restocked. For example the hooded short coat which Conseptualist have was sold out most of the sizes but is now restocked in all sizes.

Sales started with a disappointment but that's how it is with most of the shops this year. Let's keep this thread going. Please post some picture and so on.
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hey tuma, could you post a link to the hooded wool coat?
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Don't think it is in stock... must have been a webstore mistake or something, here is the link:

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Thinking about getting a proxy and wanted to try a few items since shipping won't be cheap. Has anyone seen the contrast texture jumper in person?

It doesn't look good in the model pic but I've wanted a knit with different textures after seeing the Geller robocop one a year ago.

Also on sizing, I saw conceptionists measurements for the hooded wool coat in size 50 and it looked like I'm that size but I have a larger chest and average shoulders. Measurements also don't tell the entire story as they don't factor in the height of the armholes. If say I'm a 50 in TOJ jackets and a medium in Gitman, I would be a 48 in COS? Thanks.
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I think a 48 could work for you if you're not very tall. The shoulders might be snug on some outerwear pieces due to how they're cut.

I have a 42 chest now and 18.5 shoulders and the short hood coat has stretched out to a comfortable fit with a tee and knit.
I took a L in GV shirts last time I tried but the cut is too short and boxy for me. Looking at mesurements, I would take a 52 in the TOJ Bball.

Hope that helps smile.gif
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Thanks conceptionist. That really does help. Looks like I'm a 48 then as I'm not that tall or anything at 6'.
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Originally Posted by PattyC View Post

Sale started

 New stuff added there

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Anyone get the leather zip gloves in S/M and they didn't work out? PM me
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Any thoughts on the contrast texture jumper? Buy or pass. Anyone seen it in person? Thanks.

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I was to damn slow this time. I really wanted that nubuck sleeve leather jacket - and even before the sale started! I bought their plain leather jacket two years ago, which is exactly the same as the nubuck one just in all leather, and I've lived very happy with it.


Anyone here bought the nubuck sleeve jacket or saw it in person? 

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yeah, I mixed things up. Cos sale is the fucking lamest sale on earth.
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