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^^ Nice images.

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Over the weekend I gave the gradient sweatshirt another go and decided that medium did fit satisfactorily. I also picked up the structured jumper made from washable wool. Very happy with both pieces. 


Beware though, the structured jumper is very structured, slim fitted and short. Not one to wear with low-slung jeans. Looks much better with a shirt underneath than just a tee, imo.  






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The structured jumper looks cool. I don't necessary need, but might buy later...


Also, I just received an email that says there's free shipping on all orders over 100 euros. Code "FREESHIPPING".

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Also should mention that the structured jumper is WARM. It's actually a nice, thick knit not a cheap job. Good buy. 

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Has anyone had any experience with the structured wool coat? 

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Originally Posted by djt00 View Post


Is it my monitor or is that pair black? eek.gif


Was thinking about grabbing the maroon, but will wait for the black colourway now.

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Thought they were black at first too, but looking closer they seem like a very dark brown ffffuuuu.gif

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Looks like the ones I have (cherry). Cherry isn't bad color and looks pretty good with navy and almost everything I wear except shirts is navy these days. The round toe boots are black but they don't look as good as those shoes.




have you seen square neck before? this is pretty cool look.

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FREESHIPPING code valid this month for orders over £90.

Just a gentle reminder for those casual observers of this thread, I do offer a free proxy service for COS for those living in the USA, Australia and any other country where COS do not deliver to. smile.gif
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I have not found a jacket that satisfies me and I wanted to take this online

I'm 1.85/75kg, usually i wear a 48/50 which size should I take? (50 is sold out ) Unfortunately, there are no stores near me where to try

thank you!

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How big is your chest? Did you see the size guide? If you take normally large, then you'll probably need large. In my experience, COS outerwear fits quite true to size.





heh, I'd want this cotton one in a 46. It's not ideal for fall, but there's still a 50 left and someone should buy it. Those hooded jackets might not happen again.

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My chest is about 98-99 cm, cos mail me the measurement of size 48



Chest: 108cm

Bottom Width: 118cm

Sleeve Length: 65.5cm

Bicep: 40cm

Back Width: 42cm

Back Length: 90.5cm

Neck Width: 18.5cm



So i don't know if I can fit shoulders..

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Hi guys,


I am doing a university report on COS and I created the questionnaire about COS customer profile. 

Please find 5 minutes and fill in this survey.

Here is the link


Thanks so much in advance.

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anyone proxying to the us?
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