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Originally Posted by Zeemon View Post

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)
it arrived today265
fabric looks exactly like in the store pictures
fit works really well for me
the pants are more tapered than i thought (17cm leg opening ; size 52) which is good
both items are made in romania
i'd say construction is on par with mid-level brands like hugo boss, j.lindeberg, acne

Awesome! Glad it worked out for you. The pants in the lookbook have a very nice cut, I was worried they might fit very differently IRL.
Would you say that waist is tts or does one need to size down/up?
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i hope the US webstore opens soon
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i wear 34" in most other pants/jeans
according to the COS sizing-chart size 52 is 36", so i sized one up
it doesn't fit too loose, i don't need a belt
i ordered them in 50 too, because i was unsure, now i send them back
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pants are nice indeed, Zeemon. The whole collection projects a clean unfussy look which I definitely appreciate.
I'm also considering getting a pair of pants from them through a proxy. I generally get sz 46/30 in dress pants/jeans, if you got 52 for 34 waist it appears I would need a 48.
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How about the sizing? I am usually betweem XS and S, depending on the brand. I hope S will work for me.
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Anyone want to sell a Scuba Hoodie in large? Killing myself I didn't pick it up instore.
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Will you post fit pics of the jacket?
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Many of the pieces look like they're made of stiff fabric which has been sculpted into shape as if it were plastic. Reminds me of an over-sized diving suit made of thick neoprene. I normally wouldn't say anything, but this concept appears to run broadly throughout the collection. Don't like.

Some examples....



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Originally Posted by lemmywinks View Post

Looks pretty good. Why doesn't America get cool stuff.

It is simply too austere looking for the mainstream North American marketplace.
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i actually quite like the futuristic look of neoprene garments, though i share the concern about looking cheap if not done right. I'm also a little worried about how easy they are to clean and how well they age. Someone posted a comment to the guardian review of the scuba hoodie
A very similar neoprene scuba hoodie was lauched a by Helmut Lang about five years ago. I got it, and sort of regret it. It aged very bad, with deep wrinkles in many parts. then i donot think the the COS versions would be any better.
i'll defer to those who have owned neoprene clothes obviously..

this blog post is about neoprene in fashion, very interesting
ck x synthese


mcqueen aw07


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Yeah, neoprene tends to develop and hold wrinkles easily when folded (compression), it's also more likely to happen with looser stuff than with skin tight wetsuits. The elbow area would probably be the more problematic so I'd avoid bending my arms (see last pic above) too much or I'd go for short sleeves. And hang that shit or store it flat.
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it looks so early year jil sander.
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You are doing it wrong if you don't buy two scuba hoodies and hang them.
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Dropped by the COS store in Nuremberg the day after Christmas to see what the fuss is about - too bad it was closed for the holidays. I don't think I'll get another chance to check this out anytime soon unless they open a store in the U.S. frown.gif
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I own a few pieces and pretty much everything has been said, but I can add that:


* The amount of experimental fabrics and plays with the like is surprisingly high for a brand that in general esthetique is very minimalistic. The scuba stuff has been mentioned, but there are also trousers with metallic fibre, stiff cotton flanell shirts and pullovers, and a bunch of other stuff.


* All shirts (that I've handled) have had MOP-buttons, which is a nice touch at this pricepoint. Also, out of the three shirts I own, two have hidden button-downs.

* Not really a fan of the footwear, both quality and design seems so-so.


Not sure if I'm a fan of SS12 tbh, too much mint for my taste. I do spot a nice hidden placket-shirt though... satisfied.gif

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