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When is sales season for COS? -- I assume early December?

Also, do they mark down stuff by 50% right off the bat or are there minor discounts before^
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They usually do 30-50%, which basically means 30% on everything except for 50% on the shitty stuff of which they haven't sold anything at all.

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i think there are small mid-season sales too
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Yeah, on like 3 items. Checked my mail and last winter the sale started on the 25th of December.
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Keep on mind that their online stocks aren't huge, so don't count on sales if you really want something
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I can add that I very, very rarely see pieces pop up on auction sites.
Guess it has to do with the fact the whole US market is left out (can't buy it) and the low retail prices.
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anyone have any idea when they plan to expand to the U.S? Either online shopping or a store in Manhattan?
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Everything I've heard/read indicates they've no plans to expand. Even in Europe they have relatively few locations; as far as high street brands go it's fairly niche-y

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Mid-season sale started. Nothing I'm going to buy atm.

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Not in Spain.
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can anyone comment on the shade of grey of the quilted bomber? Is it a medium grey, or more of a charcoal?

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Looking to pick up a coat and trousers from COS, but curious about sizing. I'm a true 44, will I be SOL with a 46 and some tailoring? No precise measurements on the site :(

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COS trousers might be too big if you're a true 44, because they used to fit big or true to size. At least more like tts, but definitely not small. My trousers are from 2011 collections, so I don't have recent knowledge about them though. 

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^ yeah i've tried on a few pairs this sizing (true 30") and echo those comments.
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If you're somewhere between s and xs, then in my experience 46 (=small) sweaters, knits, coats and jackets will work more likely. Unless its fitting relaxed or oversized.

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