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Obtaining Valstar "Valstarino" jacket stateside

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I would like to get more of these in different materials.  Does anyone have any advice on getting them in the US or online?  I'm quite happy with the fit and would prefer to stick to this brand, not one of the dozens of derivatives (high quality though they may be). 

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online? http://www.ebay.com/itm/NWT-Valstar-gray-plaid-Valstarino-jacket-size-EU48-US-38-M-/140614557782 or http://chcmshop.com/brand-guide/valstar/


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Thank you.  The eBay link is being sold by one of our own SF members, but it's not what I had in mind. I bought one from CHCM before. The Italian webshop also has strangely limited selections and inscrutable product images. 

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are you still interested in Valstar Valstarino jackets?
I've some pieces: brown suede, beige suede, and beige cotton gabardine.
I often buy little stock of clothes thanks to the good contacts i have and i usually sell items to some japanese gentleman, but happened to your country too.
As you can imagine i'm italian and i write from italy.
Guess is obvious but let me tell you are brand news with all the labels attached.
I've different sizes and i give them for a bargain price and for the payment i accept paypal.
Of course i can provide even other brands as you can imagine, but ok, here i'm wrting cause i've read about your old post about valstarino by case, so i thought maybe you could be interested.
Sorry for disturbing you
100_9987.JPG 2222k .JPG file 100_9983.JPG 2386k .JPG file 100_9984.JPG 2243k .JPG file 100_9989.JPG 2696k .JPG file
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Resurrecting an old thread.
I'm currently looking for a cotton button up A1 type summer jacket., like what Valstarino or Ring makes. I am in US. Dont really care about the brand, just care about the quality and fit. If anyone has a suggestions I'd appreciate it - cant seem to find anything in size US38.
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same here. Leo, do you still have some available?

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