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Not sure if the brand is a biggy but the wallet it great.
I'd put up Mulholland Brothers up against just about any make in the leather department. Their styling leans towards the rustic, which I like, and the quality is tops. Anyone else like them?? It seems they are mostly known in California, as they are based in San Francisco. Mulholland Brothers As for wallets, I really need a new (and a good) one. I use a very simple and slim bi-fold credit card case with a money clip attached to the side. I think it's by Fossil. I actually really like it - there are a lot of bad versions of that design, but this one works really well. Unfortunately the money clip recently stopped working. Anyone seen the "April in Paris" line of men's leather goods at Wilkes Bashford? Incredible stuff. The maker, Beatrice, was trained by and worked for Hermes. You can order bespoke goods at her Clement Street Botique. Highly recommended. April In Paris
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I use the clear plastic sleeve that my eyeglass cloth came in as my wallet. Works for me.
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I've only had 3 wallets since I started college. A LV that I had for 7 years and was in great shape, but I had get rid of it when I got rid of the girlfriend who gave it to me. A Gucci that I had for, hmm, well I guess I had that one for about 7 years as well, but there was a bit of fraying, so my wife bought me a new wallet. Now I have a coach wallet, and really like that one as well. The only problem I had w/ all three were pictures made them bulky. I would reccomend all 3, but would buy a version of the LV w/out the brand-name splashed all over the outside.
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I use a card holder and a money-clip wallet from Mont-Blanc. Looks nice I think but cannot comment about the quality of leather used (still learning).
Montblanc leather is made by the renowed Seeger leather factories in Germany. It's called "cashmere leather" and is exceptionally soft. Seeger is owned by the Richemont luxury conglomerate, but unfortunately no longer make leather under its own name. All of its leather carries the Montblanc name. I was lucky enough to buy a Seeger wallet while the name was still around. It is slim, carries 7 credit cards and has two compartments. I'm very pleased with it. As I've mentioned on my other posts, my favorite leather brands tend towards lesser known brands. In particular, I like: Goldpfeil Tanner Krolle Valextra Connolly Loewe Unfortunately, a lot of these brands are very difficult to find in the US.
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Bucci, London. Cypris, Japan. Both brands I highly recommend. And with the former, mail order is possible; as for the latter I am unsure.
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heyy a very imporant question where can i buy cypris wallet in USA?

please reply if u know!!!! i need it so bad for buying it for my boyfriends xmas gift ..


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