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Originally Posted by hendrix View Post

do you think it makes that much of a difference?
I've only been wearing leather-soled shoes for a couple of years, i wouldn't know if brushing the soles down after every wearing enhances their wear and life span.

regarding the closet, i meant air circulation.

i wouldn't know either. i just do it and i feel, it's good for them. also clap them after wearing and see how much dust is coming out of them. amazing, just amazing.
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Originally Posted by fritzl View Post

awesome work

Thank you very much guys.
Originally Posted by hendrix View Post

One thing I would change:
I would make the bars wood slats instead - I don't like the idea of dirt from the soles of the upper rows being able to fall onto the lower rows.

It is an idea but I wanted to have a very light structure inside with this bars you just see the shoes "floating" in the cabinet. Wood slats would make it much heavier but it is just a question of taste. smile.gif
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I love this. Been thinking about trying to make myself a shoe rack. This is beyond what I even imagined. Thanks
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Thank you for your nice comment.
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This is absolutely fantastic.

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Great job! Very nice indeed.
If you wanted to cheat a little, you could start with a ready-made trunk such as this for just over $100: https://www.mysticarmynavy.com/item.cfm?RequestTimeout=500&ID=1282

(actually it would be cheating a lot - that is pressboard covered with vinyl)
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Hello Sir



This shoe cabinet is beautiful!!! I wanted to know would you be into building another one of these for me, and what would you charge? 6315989294

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