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Ok got it guys. Last thing with the tie then, do you think a tie with one inch stripes going diagonally is too much?

Like that but with light blue and dark blue. Too aggressive?
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Originally Posted by OttoSkadelig View Post

it really depends on your audience and locale. if you are interviewing in a major city and in a profession where people pay attention to how they dress, (e.g., IB in NYC) there is a very good chance it will be noticed. it won't disqualify you, but it may just cause your interviewer to fleetingly wonder if you're vain or affected. typically not qualities that is valued on the job. (if on the other hand you are interviewing for IB in toledo, the nuances likely won't be noticed.)
in a job interview you want to come across as humble, low-maintenance, and focused on kicking ass on the job, not managing your wardrobe.
i have done countless interviews where people are trying to hard to look cool. there was once a guy in a loud pink gingham shirt, visibly quirky cufflinks, and pronounced stubble. the first (subconscious and then increasingly conscious) reaction was - "what are you trying to prove? give it a rest already." whether one admits it or not, instinctive, emotional factors do come into play when we size people up -- including in supposedly fact-based contexts such as interviews.
as others have said, why take the chance?

He's a member here - managing his wardrobe will be a top priority. Why lie? Own it. If it means he isn't qualified for the job, better to find out now.
Originally Posted by Quadcammer View Post

Of course. That said, hiring can also be about personalities, and if someone thinks you look affected or poncy, it may have unintended negative consequences.
hell, if the interviews are going well, bring out the double monks on the third or fourth interview

OP is probably both. (no offense, I am too)
Originally Posted by Sixth_Sense View Post

No pocket squares. that hard to understand that you need to be conservative as hell during an interview? Push your sartorial limits after you have the job.
- Black captoe
- No pocket squares
- Charcoal/Navy suit
- Simple, non-aggressive tie
It's not that hard for god's sake.

Wouldn't this be lying, kinda?
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Wear them! Actually wear what will have you feel the most confident ... so you'll do well in the inverview.
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Nobody ever failed a job interview because they wore black captoes.

In an interview situation, especially in IB, conservative is the way to go. You'll want the interviewer(s) to remember you for your kick-ass interview performance; not for being something of a dandy. If you're not subconsciously worrying about how you look, that's one less thing to distract you from the prize. Once you land the job, then it's time to spread the sartorial wings a bit.

That said, if you can do conservative better than 95% of the general population (and membership at SF indicates this is a real possibility), then it will help strengthen the overall package. It may be on a subtle, subconscious level ... but it this ends up being down to the wire between you and some other guy with exactly the same qualifications and experience - only he's in an ill-fitting suit and you're not - you'll probably end up over the line.

Best of luck!
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Smart is the way to go, dandy should be avoid.

Just to avoid these:

Fancy pattern suit e.g. Prince of wales
Paisley / Dotted / Patterned ties or PS
Contrasting collar shirts
Bright socks

Demand for notch SB solid suit with no vest, black shoes, no TV fold white PS is too demanding.

I think a stripe tie, pinstripe or chalkstripe, peaked or DB suit, brown shoes with simple brogue are all 'smart' and no where near dandy.

As long as you wear a white well fitted shirt, rest is relatively minor

Well that is like HK works

Just relax, pick your usual stuff and be sharp to the interviewer.

I think to worry about dressing is also a inner sign of dandy, if you can let people feel you don't care. that will be fine
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Originally Posted by makker View Post

I have an interview for investment banking in a few days and wondering whether I can wear my C&J double monks or should I go for something else?

And yes, do wear you double monk.
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If it is a Maybe, it is a NO!
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Obviously contexts diverge, but I have a hard time fathoming anyone noticing, much less caring, whether you wear double-monks.
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Originally Posted by mafoofan View Post

Obviously contexts diverge, but I have a hard time fathoming anyone noticing, much less caring, whether you wear double-monks.
Best response yet!
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Blue Pin Stripe, Cap Toes Black/Brown, White Shirt, Dressy buckled belt, Repp Tie with non-flamboyant colors, Regimental Socks in non-flamboyant colors.

Why risk it at all. Once you get the job you can sport the double monks.
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