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I'm a US8E w/o or US8.5E w/ insoles in Danners. 

US9.5 in Nike & New Balance

US8.5 in Red Wing


I had a pair of Salomons & they were a US9.5.

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Does anyone know a US/Online retailer that carries the Patterson Light (I know they were limited to 500 pairs). At the moment the only place I can even see them having been sold is Rakuten and I'd rather not go that route. Local shop has regular lights for 230 but holding out in the hopes of finding pattersons to match my the color of my Nomad jacket.
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Checking back: after trying on Red Wings Chukkas and Ice Cutters in size 9,5 I finally ended up ordering Mountain Trails in size 9,5.


The shoes feel pretty good with regular socks out of the box. With additional thicker wool socks, the shoes might need some more breaking in.

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I'm really trying to find a pair of Mountain Trail Left Banks (the collaboration with Tanner Goods) in a 10.5.  I worry I was too slow on the draw.


Anybody got a line on a pair?  I'm pretty consistently an 11, so I'm thinking 10.5 is the way to go.

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Originally Posted by Marko Taali View Post

I'm trying to find the right size for Danner's Stumptown Mountain Trail. I've got shoes varying from size 10 Converses to size 11 Salomons and everything in between. I had read about sizing down half a number but also read about sizing up half a number for thicker socks.

So I ordered size 11 Mountain Trails to have room for a thicker sock (for Finnish winters) but found out that they were huge. I'm returning them, but since I really like how they look, I'm ordering again and I want to find the right size this time. smile.gif

I think I have to choose between 10 and 10,5 but can't figure out which. I've been reading through your great examples and shoe size lists but since I haven't got the same footwear I can't really compare.

Thus I'm asking whether any of you that have found the perfect fit could share your Danner shoe and foot size information: length / width? My feet are approximately 277 mm long and 105 mm wide, what number would you recommend?


Leaving aside the actual foot measurements, I'm guessing you're a 10 in Danner.

I wear 11 in Nike/adidas runners, 10.5 in Clark's and Jack Purcell's/ 10 in Red Wing. 10 in Danner Mtn Light Lownsdales are perfect.
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For what it helps I wear

Danner MT Light size 10
Yuketen Maine Guide size 10
Clarks Wallabees size 10
Vans Era size 11
Adidas Trainers size 11

My Danners fit great for walking around town and light hiking, but I would want a size 10.5 for serious back packing so as to avoid turf toe. I have a pair of regular MT Lights for hiking and a pair of Overtons for the city. Both are some of the most comfortable footwear I have ever owned.
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Sad that the Forest Heights Piedmont eyelets are too small to fit the laces from the Bluelace Project

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Anybody own this boot? I think I need it in my life.




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Has anyone tried to Mt Tabor shoe and able to comment on sizing, how it looks etc? I kind of like them as an alternative to Red Wing.
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