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Danner would tell you to order an 11.  Personally, I think thats bad advise, and just making up for the fact that they dont make these in D widths. 

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Huh? I thought they had these in D or 2E? Would YOU recommend the 11 2E?

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The Mountain Lights might come in D, but the Stumptown series does not.  If the ones you want come in D, I woud say go true to size.  

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Originally Posted by Pecos Bill View Post

Hi All,

New to the forum after lurking awhile. Summer is over and now it's time for some hiking. Feelin' those Danner MLII's. I just had my foot measured and am an 11.5D. What size would anyone suggest? No store ~ me carries them. Also, any good deals online with these boots currrently? Thanks for any responses. 

I am 11.5 in most shoes, 11 in Danners were definitely too small for me.
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Have you guys seen our new SMU with Danner?

We call them the Left Bank Mountain Trail


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As for sizing advice, I find the last they use on the MTN Light to be extremely narrow and though they say EE, I don't think that's quite accurate.

We still reccomend that everyone size down .5 and for over 2 years, we've had very very few complaints about sizing them that way. I do understand there will be plenty of variation from person to person... you've really just gotta try on a few pairs near you and see how they are.

If you order through us, The Woodlands or Danner, we all offer exchanges for different sizes so don't be worried if you end up with the wrong fit, you can just send em back and get another.

Hope that helps!
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I read through this thread for the purpose of getting info on sizing before ordering the Mountain Light Elkins. I also called and spoke to someone at Danner before sending the order through their website and they also recommended to size down by 1/2. So I ordered a size 9.5.

I found the last to be true to size and did not need to size down from my normal shoe size 10. Well, to be more exact, if these were worn without socks, the boot 9.5 would be OK. So I've returned them and bought a size 10. No thick socks - urban dweller use only. The width of EE was nothing too wide so the last would be on the narrow side if it were available in D.

Hope someone gets some good outta this.
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I wear 11 or 11.5 in pretty much all shoes, went with 10.5 on stumptown lownsdales and am really happy with fit.
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stumptown danners up on "the breakroom" which is a danner overstock site, for the next couple of days.

This is an invite link which, if you use, gives me a credit. feel free to use or not to use. i have the lownsdales, and they are my favorite fall boot b/c they are so light. i paid retail too, and think they are worth it.

tempted to pick up a pair of the black ones with lugged sole for wintertime, as the lownsdales sole is not good for ice/snow. thoughts? also, anyone have experience with christy sole in wintertime conditions in the northeast?
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got an email about the breakroom today as well, my friend ordered a pair through me. the light elkins.
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I got the Elkins today--totally awesome for the price. Wish I'd been able to snag the Tanner x Danner Mountain Light Lownsdale but either they never had it in my size or it sold out to fast. 

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^ waiting on my pair that i ordered. first time buying danner and as a result i dont have the sizing down. i'm a 10.5 D but very close to E. hoping the 10 EE fits...
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^ Fits like a glove.
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I was in some serious pain from the Elkins for the first week--got atrocious blisters on my heels. I recovered--suffer for fashion.  

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just wanted to throw it out there that I got some mountain light overtons from Woodlands Supply last fall and they came in a D width. pissed as I was hoping they were going to be EE... ughhhh
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