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Questions about shirt collars& pocket hanks

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what do you guys do when putting on a necktie...put the whole collar up/ neck buttoned/ tie the tie, THEN flip the whole collar back down, or another method? i have been doing it this way for a while, and it has always been a pain. next question.....i always have my pocket linens pressed flat into the folded shape for my breast pocket of jackets, but every time i try wearing a pocket silk, it seems too bulky. have tried flusser's books, etc. for a method that is less bulky, but i can't help but think all of my pocket silks would be MUCH better if significantly smaller in size. suggestions/ help?
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If I wear a tie, which I only do if I absolutely have to, I generally flip the collar up and put the untied tie around my neck, flip the collar down and tie it. Breast pocket hankies are definitely a thing of the past as far as I'm concerned. Practically a historical curiousity, much like pocket watches. Stuffy, but can be made interesting and fun at times. If you do wear a hankie, it should only be ironed and later folded when and if you wear it. Prepressed hankies are just as bad as clip-on ties and pre-tied bowties, really.
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Ties: flip collar up, wrap tie around, flip collar down, tie tie. How will you know otherwise that the knot is sized appropriately to the collar? Pocket squares: I never fold pocket squares sooner than the moment before they go into my pocket. And most of the time I don't do anything nearly so formal: I just kinda stuff it in there. As for being too bulky, it sounds to me like the problem is more with the suit than the square. When you had the jacket fitted, did you make sure to have a square (and everything else you normally wear) with you? Peace, JG
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Flip collar, wrap tie, flip collar down, make knot, same as the previous answers. Years of wearing high school uniforms trained me to be able to do this in about 20 seconds flat, with about 80% success. Double windsor, windsor, 4 in hand (15 seconds).
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This comment may belong in a different thread, but has anyone else ever put little droplets of blood on their shirt collar after they have just shaved? For linen squares, I have pretty much found a fold that I liked, then just moved the square from suit to suit. Squares live in the pockets in the closet when not in use. I do agree that silk squares seem a bit too poofy in the pocket. I have considered trimming some of the silk squares I have. Because I don't usually show the edges of poofy squares, I suppose this could be a possibility. Bic
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aha, bic hit the nail on the head. all of my silks are printed, and i would just as soon not show the edges. of all the silks i've seen, only charvet seems to be significantly smaller. my others, from makers like talbott and armani just seem too large to wad up, put in the pocket, yet not bulge the breast pocket....or could it be i'm too paranoid and it doesn't really bulge that much? i always carry my card holder-wallet in the inside left pocket, also.
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