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$100 (USD)
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WTB: Brown Captoe Oxford or Longwing, 7E

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Hi there,

I am looking to never wear another pair of Rockports, but I am also on a budget. So used but quality seems the way to go.

I have a short, wide foot. I am looking for size 7E or 7EE.

My bare foot on a ruler is about 4", +/- a 16th of an inch, at its widest.

For comparison: On my feet are a pair of size 7 chucks. I can get my foot in them, but i deliberately skip the second eye-hole when I lace them and cannot tie them too tight.
I have a pair of Katahdin boots from LL Bean that are 7EEE. They are a bit roomy with wool socks.

All my other shoes are 8d--the standard smallest size at most mall stores; I only recently realized my true shoe size.

Hope this works,