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Rl purple label

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What are your opinions on RL's Purple Label line? In all honesty, I haven't seen one piece of clothing that I wouldn't wear in the entire line: suits, shirts, ties, coats, blazers, pants, and casual's all gorgeous. What are your thoughts?
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That's one thing about Ralph, his line is usually very wearable. Nothing outlandish. The stores sales associates think that the Purple Lable, now made by St. Andrews (Italian) is better quality than last season's line made by Chester Barrie. Andy
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And the shirts are made by Lorenzini.
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And the shirts are made by Lorenzini.
Do they (the RLPL shirts) really only come in S/M/L/etc. sizes, and not in neck/sleeve measures? I get this impression when searching on eBay, but maybe all the shirts there are from the lower end of the line? Marcus
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Marcus. Sportshirts typically come in general sizes (S-M-L-XL), dress shirts in the neck-and-sleeve measurements you are used to. This is a general practice, although some European brands (CoSTUME NATIONAL comes to mind) use the European sizing system for all their items exclusively. I actually like that system more. It also tells you how far gone your body is compared to the norm (wearing a 50Eu jacket and 52Eu trousers? Time to lay off the pizza. Wearing a 54Eu jacket and 50 Eu trousers? Probably need to do some leg lifts along with that "beach workout".) I think that a 2 size drop between jacket and trousers is probably the ideal.
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