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Hoi An's Top Tailors --- Refreshing the Topic

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Hi Everyone,


I will have the good fortune of finding myself somewhere along the Vietnamese coast in a month's time and I have heard many things about the tailors of Hoi An. This topic has, of course, previously been canvassed on SF at length, but I am curious as to whether anyone has current recommendations that may differ from the historical ones, or alternatively, another anecdotal feather in the cap for the well-established shops.


Generally, I'll be looking to have three or four 2-piece suits made, as well as half a dozen shirts; I am fleshing out the rudimentary pieces of a budding professional wardrobe. Casual trousers would be icing on the cake, but I'm hoping to find the best suit-maker (for a reasonable price, of course!), not the best general tailor.


If particular tailors have certain stylistic strengths, perhaps knowing that I'll be looking for relatively modern, tightly fitted cuts to drape on a short, trim, muscular body (only 5'5"/1.65m in height, but with a 29" waist and a 38-40" chest).


Many thanks in advance!





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No dice I suppose. Thanks anyway for being a great resource, SF!

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have you been to Hanoi... you will find better luck in hong kong..

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I'm vietnamese and i have never been to Hoi An !!!
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This place claims to be Hoi An's longest established tailor.
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Payment accepted in cash, credit card and evidently fingers.

C'mon, a tailor who can't be bothered to take pictures of his own work?

I found this interesting comment at "The first thing you'll notice when you arrive in Hoi An is the multitude of tailor shops. It's a bit out of control as most of the shops are not trained tailors."

Seem many employ touts, which is a bad sign.
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Go to Hoi An for the food - it's amazing. The clothing is still not well made, nothing has changed; however, it is fun to watch the Hoi An Clothing Cosa Nostra touts draw in their marks (that would be you if buy anything). Caveat emptor - you've been warned.
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A belated thanks to those who replied! I've been travelling through Cambodia and the Mekong delta for the past few weeks and my internet activity has been limited.


I still plan to head to and through Hoi An, but my expectations have been adjusted. Now I'll take it for food and culture; whatever else comes is icing on the cake.



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