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Currently in Tokyo

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If you were in Tokyo right now, what denim would you seek out? I'm thinking of picking something up that's a fair bit cheaper than what I can get at SE or BiG. I went to Hinoya today and the PBJs were only about $20 cheaper whereas the Okinawa and Hawaii were $70 cheaper than History Preservation (too bad they didn't have my size). Does anyone know if Samurai is cheaper here than in the US? I don't have much time tomorrow on my last day and want to know if it's worth another trip to Ueno. Thanks for the help!
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a love hospital
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From what I remember Sugar Cane was way cheaper at Hinoya then it was in the US by almost $100 on a pair of SC 2009's. Also Samurai was a little bit cheaper at Americaya but not much. The Momotaro store was cheaper as well by about $50 (but its not in Ueno). Theres another place right next door to Momotaro which i cant remember the name of and they had cheap Eternals
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Yeah I'm married these days so that might not be such a good idea...
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I'm still a big fan of 45rpm Sorahikos and pick up a pair everytime I'm in japan. Last time I went they were only 150$ US (with favorable exchange rates).

Also take a look at Kapital as I believe their stockists in the US are quite limited but produce a great product.
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a love hospital

the icon for the love hotel on my phone is just the hospital with the 'H' replaced by a heart and colored pink
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I live in Okinawa and fortunately can pick up SC, McCoy, Lee, Levi, Denime, and more for reasonable prices.  I got a pair of Joe McCoy 906's for a decent price yesterday, can't wait to see how they fade.  I'm a little worried though as this is my first selvedge pair in a humid environment.  Previously I lived on the West coast of the US and rarely sweated in my jeans, so we'll see how it works out.  I don't even wear regular clothes that often being in the military.

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I got a pair of 45 rpm sorahikos from a prior trip to Japan so I decided to get an pair of Oni limited edition jeans which were one wash 20 oz. My Japanese is nonexistent so I pretty much bought them because I like the fit and the details seemed decent. Looking forward to seeing how these turn out!

Thanks for the help guys. I hit up Americaya and all of the Hinoyas in Ueno. Really an awesome spot. Let me know if you ever need directions to them.
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