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Stevenson Overall Company - Height Of Perfection (from Japan)

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Introducing Stevenson Overall Company - Height Of Perfection

We've added a new brand to our line-up this week at all Self Edge stores by the name of Stevenson Overall Company.
Hailing from Hiroo (Tokyo, Japan) Stevenson was started by famed vintage collectors Zip Stevenson and Atsu Tagaya in 2005 with the intent to recreate vintage styles which were popular in America during the turn of the century.

The attention to detail of their garments is unsurpassed and every fabric they've used is woven for them by the best and oldest mills in Japan. From the wools on their accessories and jackets to the denim from which their jeans are made of to the natural dyed canvas for their shirts and jackets they've gone to great lengths to make sure that every fabric was made to fit their needs. They spend more time on fabric development than any other company we've encountered thus far.

All the garments are sewn on vintage sewing machines and all the canvas and denim shirts and jeans are single-needle stitched, something rarely seen on garments these days. The belt loops on their jeans are sewn by hand due to their shape and details, the buttons on their jackets and jeans are leather-backed, and their watch caps are woven with the finest silk yarn and dyed with natural indigo and plant based dyes.

Stevenson Overall Company is available now at all three Self Edge stores and in our online store. Check the online store for hi-res photos, measurements, and full spec lists on every garment.

Stevenson Overall in our online store:

Stevenson Upland Jean (717) - Slim

Stevenson Santa Rosa Jean (767) - Straight

Stevenson Saddle Horn Jacket - Brown Duck

Stevenson Saddle Horn Jacket - Indigo Duck

Stevenson Silk WWII Watch Caps
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Stevenson Natural Indigo Dyed Hoodie & Spring Collection of Shirts

We've just received the new Stevenson spring collection including what we think is our pièce de résistance for the spring season.

First off we have one of the most beautiful items we've ever had at Self Edge, the Stevenson Indigo Dyed Knit Hoodie. This is a hoodie which is made of 100% natural indigo dyed cotton yarns which have been hank dyed. Hank dying is a slow process which is an older method of dying yarns than modern machine rope dying. This style of dying results in a far deeper indigo shade.
Due to the natural indigo dyed cotton this hoodie with age and lighten over time like a pair of jeans, but in a far more "soft" manner. We think this hoodie is one of the most impressive pieces we're getting at our stores for the entire Spring delivery period. This thing is super comfortable and beautiful in both details and feel.

Next up is the Oblique Half-Sleeve Indigo Dyed Shirt. This is great half-sleeve summer shirt that will fade and age over time due to the pure indigo dyed yarns that make up the gingham pattern. We love the combination of the front chest pocket design with the lack of a front yoke, it's simple, sophisticated, and a staff favorite.

Lastly, we have the Red Check Open Shirt which is one of the most sought after shirts in Japan that Stevenson does every year in a different fabric. A 100% cotton summer-weight fabric and cut straight across the bottom to be worn untucked, this is an awesome summer shirt.

We got a SELA exclusive cap made of the same Beach Cloth as the Imperial jacket we received a few weeks ago. The Stevenson Imperial Cap is available online and at SELA.

Along with these four items we received a full restock of their Upland Slim Jean, Double Duty Workshirt, & Ace Reversible Jacket. Visit the stores to check out all the new Stevenson goods or check out our online store for hi-res photos, measurements, and spec lists on everything.

Shop Stevenson Online

Stevenson Indigo Dyed Knit Hoodie

Stevenson Oblique Half-Sleeve Indigo Dyed Shirt

Stevenson Red Check Open Shirt
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Stevenson Loopwheeled Blank Pocket Tees, Linen Shirt, & Jean Restocks

The final summer delivery from Stevenson is a loopwheeled blank pocket t-shirt that comes in a 2-pack and a short sleeve linen shirt.

The t-shirts are tubular knit on a loopwheeling machine with one chest pocket that's attached with a blind-stitch. The yarn for the fabric is made of Giza cotton which is extremely soft and strong and comes with a rayon neck-tag. The pocket design on these tees alone is a work of art. These t-shirts come two to a pack and come packaged in a vintage style undergarment box.

Along with these tees we've received a very comfortable linen shirt with an awesome pocket design and large shell buttons. The fabric for this shirt is also a Stevenson original.

With these two new items we've received a full restock of both Stevenson jean models and a small restock of their indigo dyed hoodies. Check the online store for hi-res photos, measurements, and spec lists of all these items.

Shop Stevenson Online


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New Stevenson Slim Tapered Jean, The Bucko Shirts, & Indigo Dyed Skull Caps

From one of our most exciting labels comes the first shipment of their fall/winter collection.

Stevenson Overall Company have delivered a new jean model which is a medium rise slim tapered leg jean. This jean is single-needle stitched and has details which would impress even the most seasoned Japanese denim fan.

Along with the new 727 jean model we've received their Bucko Shirts, available in two Supima cotton fabrics, both of which were produced for the shirt. The shirt comes with Belnap snap buttons, a pen pocket slit through the left chest flap, and is sewn together with a very high stitch count.

We've also received two indigo dyed skull caps, perfect for the winter. These things are pure indigo dyed and will age and fade over time with regular wear and washings. The cotton is from northern Egypt and is soft to the touch and strong due to it's extremely long staple. The skull caps come in an indigo blue color and an indigo black where the PH balance of the indigo bath is altered so that the outcome of the shade is an extremely dark almost-black color.

All these new items along with a full restock of their loopwheeled t-shirts, Red Check shirt, and Linen Open shirts have hit all three Self Edge stores and our online store. Check the product pages for full spec lists, measurements, and more photos.

Shop Stevenson Overall Company Online

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Stevenson Deck Jacket, Indigo Dyed Button-Over, and Winter Shirts

Self Edge staff across our three stores have been very excited about this release, waiting for the deck jacket and indigo pull-over all season. The shirts display a perfect level of subtle design that only Stevenson can pull off.

We've got a soft shearling lined black deck jacket that fits like a glove, an indigo dyed blue/black button-over that could possibly be the most comfortable item we've ever carried, two woven pattern flannels, and three monogrammed button-downs. A solid offering from a very exciting brand. As usual, these are made in small numbers and will not be restocked.

Check the online store for more photos, specs, and measurements on all these new items

Shop Stevenson Online

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Stevenson Spring & Summer Collection of Chinos, Gima Hoodies, and Jackets

We're happy to announce that the most anticipated collection of the year has just arrived. This is the first half of the delivery with the second half coming in about four weeks. There will be no restocks from these collections as everything Stevenson produces is cut to order. This delivery consists of chinos in two colors, gima yarn hoodies in two colors, and a tencel cloth MA-1 jacket.

It only took us seven years to start carrying chinos, but it was worth the wait. These Stevenson chinos are spot on in every area. Taking inspirations from both military and dress chinos with vintage elements such as rear slit pockets and a coin pocket that is aligned directly below the waistband. These are rinsed and come in a slim tapered fit and come in khaki or navy.
This is real chino cloth, as most chinos today are merely made of a flat cotton fabric, these have a bit of chatter within the fabric and feel and look like real vintage chino cloth.

Next up we have Stevenson's take on the classic MA-1 jacket but made in a combination of high density cotton twill and tencel cloth. These are super tightly woven fabrics that stay cool and have great wind resistance. The jacket comes complete with the classic MA-1 arm pocket, two snap buttoned hand pockets, a dual-clip zipper, and a slim fit.

Gima yarn fabric is one if the wildest Japanese textiles we've come across. Gima yarn is cotton which has had all of the moisture pulled out of it during the spinning process. This results in a yarn which stays very dry even in humid weathers, wicks moisture away from the body, and does not retain heat. This is a great example of early tech fabric. You can say that this is the only hoodie that actually keeps you cool. The yarn is then dyed in a mixture of indigo and/or sulfur to create an indigo or black color which then is mixed with sand colored gima yarns to create the specks of light you see through the indigo/black. This is a standout garment, the combination of color and type of yarn used to create such a simple piece is very impressive.

All these Stevenson items are available now at all Self Edge stores and in our online store. Check the online store for high-res photos, spec lists, and measurements.

Shop Stevenson Overall Co. Online

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Stevenson Summer Collection & Jean/Chino Restock

From one of the most exciting lines which we carry comes the last delivery of their summer collection. Stevenson Overall Company never ceases to impress us with their original fabrics, buttons, and original shirt styles. This new delivery brings five new items including a full restock of their jeans and chinos.

We love the use of Gima yarn this season from Stevenson and they've done a t-shirt using only the Gima yarn to produce the fabric for the shirt. The tee has a very unique feel to it and keeps cool and breathes very well.

Next up we have a couple of short sleeve shirts, one made of an original rayon, silk, and linen blend and the other with a slub weave cotton butterfly pattern. These are a good example of taking what could have been a very simple shirt and stepping up the details to create a unique piece without looking contrived.

Last year one of the most popular Stevenson shirts was the denim bucko shirt, this year they've done it in an indigo/indigo cotton twill fabric. This is rope dyed yarn which will fade and age over time but starts out super dark.

We've also received some great floral patterned shorts in a slim fit with some nice pocket details. This fabric is also available as reversible bucket hats only at SENY.

All these items along with a full restock of all Stevenson jeans and chinos are available now at all Self Edge stores and online.
(Josh Harris has taken this week off from doing our fit shots, The Prince of Guam has taken his place)

Shop Stevenson Online

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Stevenson Overall Co. Winter Shirts & Indigo Black Caps

We've just received three new Stevenson winter shirts and a great new indigo-dyed cap.

First up is the Regulator, an indigo-dyed mid-weight chambray shirt that's got a unique look to the fabric due to the dying process which fades in and out on the yarns used to create the fabric. The shirt has a wild pleated side/back area to slim out the shirt without using darts.

Next up we've got the Windsor Shield chambray with a great fit and awesome pocket design, they've also modified the fit a bit from last year's Windsor shirt.

Every year one of the most popular Stevenson shirts is their Bucko snap shirt in various fabrics. This year they've changed the details a bit and used a 8oz supima cotton denim that's pure indigo dyed, it's soft and will fade over time like a pair of good jeans.

Lastly we have the Black Indigo Racer Cap, which is a modified version of their indigo-dyed caps of previous years. This year they've doubled up on the fabric on the lower half of the cap creating a warmer and better fitting (and shorter) cap.

All these items are available now in our online store and at all four Self Edge stores, check the product pages for full spec lists and more.

Shop Stevenson Overall Co. Online

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Stevenson Overall Company's Winter Collection - Pulling Out All The Organ Stops

This is the collection we've been waiting for... complete with denim jackets, shirts, flying jackets, socks, hats, and the most interesting pea coat we've carried thus far.

This is Stevenson's last delivery until the spring season and they've pulled out all the stops on this one. The fabric and detail on every shirt is seriously good and the lining and trim for every jacket is just beautiful.

For jackets we've received a flying jacket with a soft alpaca lining, a denim jacket with some of the coolest pocket designs we've seen, and a wool pea coat made of a fabric that has different colored neps throughout. Check the product pages for more information on the linings, trim, and designs of each jacket.

One of the sleeper hits of this collection is their Multi-Fleck Training Sweater made of a lamb/angora/silk blend. This thing fits like a dream and is extremely soft and warm.

We've got two shirts, one of which is made of a custom discharged calico print and the other is a black workshirt with some very interesting details to accentuate the fit around the shoulders and side seams. Stevenson still plays around with new ways to construct a simple long sleeve shirt, it's exciting to see it progress over time with different techniques of sewing and the usage of seams.

In the spring we got a run of Stevenson's Gima Yarn socks, they sold out so quickly we didn't get a chance to even photograph a pair for our webstore. We've ordered a larger run this time around in both black and red. Check the product page for a rundown of why you'd want a pair of socks made of Gima.

Along with all these items we've gotten in new hats and caps which are in-store exclusive, along with a full restock of all watchcaps. Check the product pages for measurements, full spec lists, and high-res photographs.

Shop Stevenson Overall Co. Online

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Over the last two years, this has become my favorite brand. I thought that it might go over well on this forum: Not only because of the american workwear aesthetic but because their quality and construction is top notch.

website here:

Recently interviewed at Bread and Butter:
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Here are a few pics from the S/S '14 Lookbook:

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Big fan of their denim. I love the way the La Jolla jean fits, and all of details---just wish they'd start doing some denim with leather patches instead of paper. 

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^ I was, similarly, disappointed when Ande Whall went from leather to linen patch...but to be honest, this stuff doesn't bother me anymore. I find most thick leather patches to get in the way, as I am always wearing a belt over 'em anyway. It is, however, important to note that the fabric and construction on those La Jolla's is as good as any of thing out there (FH, IH, Samis, PBJ).
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Can we merge these two threads?
Originally Posted by misterjuiceman View Post

Big fan of their denim. I love the way the La Jolla jean fits, and all of details---just wish they'd start doing some denim with leather patches instead of paper. 

The reason for the paper patch is because Stevenson jeans are inspired by pre-30's designs, hence the missing chainstitched hem, no bar-tacking, and non machine made belt loops.
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Originally Posted by kiya View Post

Can we merge these two threads?
The reason for the paper patch is because Stevenson jeans are inspired by pre-30's designs, hence the missing chainstitched hem, no bar-tacking, and non machine made belt loops.

I thought that paper patches came into use in the 50s? 

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