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where do they sell in the US?
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The bags finally arrived today. We got the Tote in the first pic and the canoe bag in the second pic. Don't know what happened to zip overnight bag. Great bags, wish I didn't have to wait this long for them.

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What pictures? Does the tote look like this? Color? Price?!!! What color canoe bags? Price?! Thanks, I am excited....
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Originally Posted by LA Guy View Post
Gary Drinkwater ( www.drinkwaterscambridge.com ) sent me some pictures of a few bags he will be getting in April - both the duffle and the shopper in the first pic. and the canoe bag (I have the grey wool melton version) in the second pic.

These are the bags. The Canoe bag is $145.00 and the Tote is $140.00 if I recieve the Navigator Bag (the zippered one) it will be $295.00.

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Golly, they are nice. I like the tote, particularly. Yum.
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What would be a good fall jacket from EG? Would anyone recommend this? http://www.contextclothing.com/item.php?id=1032
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^^^Fall Jacket, yes.

And....what the hell ? How'd you end up in the EG SS07 thread?
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Oh crap... I thought this was the latest one... I must have come here from google.
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Makes sense.
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