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Break in process for selvage jeans.

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I did a search and did not find what I was looking for.

I bought a pair of Double Ralph Lauren raw Selvage denim and I am cannot tell if they fit properly and just need to be broken in or if they do not fit.

Everything looks good and does not appear to be any tighter than the jeans I normally wear which are a regular straight leg (I have pretty muscular thighs so straight leg jeans fit me in between a slim fit and a regular straight leg) but I definitely notice that as I walk the area of the jeans that fold near my fly/crotch area rub against my upper thigh area and it is slightly uncomfortable. I think this is just because they are as hard as cardboard right now and need to be broken in. My other jeans behave in a similar fashion but are much softer and generally of a thinner material.

Is this a common issue that is part of the breaking in process or do they not fit?

Also the tags say to wear them at least 90 days without washing them which I would like to try if I end up keeping them. My question then becomes when should I have them hemmed? The pants have a 32" inseam and I am a 31. Do I need to wait till the end of the 90 days when I wash them or should I just have them hemmed now?

Thank you for your help!
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I see that I should have posted my question in that thread but is your suggestion that I repost my question in that thread or are you suggesting that I read through the thousand page thread?

I am not used to the new style of the website so I completely missed the new look of pinned threads.
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Your question doesn't make a ton of sense man...but that's cool. No problem.

they fit you well, like your other normal jeans, but the stiff fabric is abrasive against your crotch? Sounds like the issue is you're just not used to the raw denim fabric and need to become accustomed to it. Denim will become a lot less rigid with wear, so just keep them. Don't try to size up to take the chaffing off yer junk...because raw denim will generally stretch. In fact, if raw denim fits 'good' like your normal jeans when brand new, odds are in 2 months they'll have stretched to the point you'll need a belt to keep them up. Standard practice around here is to pretty much size down in a lot of raw jeans to account for the aforementioned stretching. But you should just keep wearing them and wait for them to soften up.
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Thank you for the info. The stiff fabric is abrasive in the lower pelvic area where my legs meet my yes the crotch. I changed from briefs to boxer briefs and that seemed to solve the discomfort so I will keep them. As far as hemming the legs, what is the standard practice for this type of jean? I know I will eventually wash them so they will probably shrink a bit. Normally I wash my new jeans and then take them to the tailor.
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soak them bro. fill up your bathtub with warm/hot water, let them sit in there for about 20 minutes, then let them hang dry. do not put them in the dryer.

i'm not familiar with RRL, but they should shrink a bit in length. you definitely want to soak them though before considering hemming them.
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Never, ever, wet your selvedge jeans.


Check out this youtube vid that explains how to properly break them in.

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