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I've recently taken a couple weeks to do some travelling with my new fiance, and we've managed to see a lot of the new stuff in that time. However, for reasons of lack of time and her lack of inclination to deal with the idiotic torture regime that the American regime considers airport security, we didn't get to NYC together. (As soon as I can get my Palm to talk to my new serial port-less computer, a little something I wrote about my thoughts on the Fall/Winter stuff will appear on here.) However, one of the things I most wanted to see in person was Sean John's new line, which was not available in London, Vienna, Berlin, Milan, or Florence. The stuff shown in the New Yorker "Style Issue" puff-piece (no pun intended) about him looks better to me than a great deal of what's coming out of Europe. In particular, that Valentinoesque peak-lapel jacket looks wonderful. Has anyone here seen the stuff up close? How's the tailoring? Do they have a clue about materials? And, of course, do the prices make sense? Peace, JG