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What's your daily grooming routine?

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Kind of curious to see what other people's routines, maybe find out if I'm missing something. What things do you do, which products do you use?
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Nothing special. I shave after showering, and use drugstore products.
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I prefer to shave during my shower block. Shampoo with hot water, soften up my face, then hop out and shave. Cleaner, simpler process, then onto conditioning and exfoliating.
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The shower it's self is quick. Shampoo, Condition and use a body wash. I also wash my face in the shower. It makes shaving easier. 2 days a week in place of my face wash I use an exfoliator. I recommend every man jack products. They have done wonders for me and their cheap like 5 bucks a product. I think the most important thing a man can do is know how to shave the correct way. Use a wet shaving kit I have used art of shaving and it is amazing. Smooth every time with no irritation. Change razor blades every 3-5 shaves and use a good quality razor. Also, a body and face moisturizer is very important. Lastly, don't forget the little things such as under eye cream and lip balm these small things really do make a difference in your appearance. I could go on forever about this since I'm very knowledgeable in this area so if you have questions about anything or products shoot me a message.
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Brush teeth, get in shower. On shaving days (3/week), apply exfoliating scrub to my face. Shampoo, wash body. Then rinse off scrub. Apply homemade shaving lube, lather up with brush, shave. Rinse off and dry up. Apply aftershave. Put on deodorant and cologne. Get dressed. Apply facial moisturizer with SPF. On non-shaving days, just wash face and body. Then apply moisturizer immediately after drying up.


If I didn't sleep well, then also add eye cream and Clarin's anti-fatigue.

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The 3 S's of the morning:

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I dont shave every day, but when I do its always during the shower (and only my neck hair as I have a beard for the past 2 years). The hot water help to open my pores and make the shaving process more enjoyable as well as preventing razor bumps. Actually I like doing most of my grooming in the shower; I keep an extra tooth brush and paste there so I brush teeth while waiting for the conditioner and exfoliate to do their magic. Then dry up, apply face moisturizer and at times body lotion.
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