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^ I don't get a lot of the influences which are quite popular in here :P Canvas/Military bags seems to be very 'in' here (which I attribute to all the military-aesthetic once again )

That said, each to their own, everyone likes the bag they get. I'm happy I've got a bag that looks at home casually and in the office.

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Originally Posted by jean_connoisseur23
i'm using a supreme messenger and a head porter + one too

pictures/feedback on the bags?
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Jack Spade Greene Street Field Bag in "Tank."

I've travelled with it all over Europe and the Middle East in 2006 in varying climates/conditions and the following are my opinions/observations:


-Material is sturdy and water resistant. The main compartment, however, cannot be completely sealed off from the elements and I would put valued items (like Blackberry's, ID's, passports, etc.) in a water proof zip lock;
-Solidly stitch and seems to be maintaining its shape;
-Can carry heavy loads (but this is not really what a messenger bag is designed for);
-Easily accessed (if worn underneath right shoulder) smaller zippered side pockets located outside of the main compartment;
-Inside compartment can be cleaned easily;
-Low profile, non-descript look;
-Getting better with age.


-The velcro is starting to lose it's adhesiveness due to the elements like sand, debris, etc.;
-The velcro makes too much noise (especially when it was new) and can attract attention when you open the maine flap;
-The side zippered pockets can be more difficult to access when the bag is worn underneath the left shoulder;
-It may be overpriced at $125 USD but then again, I've spent much more on other items/clothing that are not as useful.
-It's "style" may have come and gone but it still works for me.

Suggested improvements:

-Get rid of the velcro and use low profile nylon straps and buckles underneath the flap. This will be more secure and can be adjusted depending on how much you load the main compartment;
-Create identical side zippered pockets on the other side for those who prefer to carry the bag on the left side.
-The orange lining may or may not work for some (I don't care either way).

Sorry for the long evaluation. Hope this helps someone.

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Originally Posted by Baron
The plastic buckle that holds the long strap on my Manhattan Portage back broke very early. My Filson bag, on the other hand, is completely indestructable. It looks cool too.

The original messenger bag has a metal buckle, and lasts forever. This is the original and classic bag.

My medium and small Manhattan Portage bags have plastic buckles, but they have held up perfectly well so far -- no breaks.
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Originally Posted by Arethusa
Khaki waxed canvas bag from J Crew.

I'd prefer something heavier, but it's ridiculously pretty.

I've got the same one but in the brown, wouldn't say it's ridiculously pretty though (wouldn't have bought it if I thought it was).

I chose brown because I was worried about the lighter color showing stains more, does yours?
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It's ridiculously pretty after getting some wear. Waxwear's like that. And, no, no stains showing other than some rubbed off indigo on the back of the bag, but that looks good anyway.
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Thanks for the thread guys. I am going back to school next week to finish up my degree, and I just realized I don't have a bag
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I thought I'd bring this thread back since I didn't feel like creating a new thread. Any thoughts on this messenger bag from Roots? I'm not really familiar with the quality of Roots' leather, and the colour is a bit blah IMO. However, I like the styling of it. It's presently $250 CDN. Link
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A little overly plain, but it's clean and it's a really nice color, at least in that picture. No idea about the quality of the brand.
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Louis Vuitton's Viktor Taiga I bought in Paris at the flagship store at the Champs Elysee.
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Originally Posted by Fuuma
Great, I've grown quite attached to it so this is good news. I must say it survived quite a few adventures unscathed so that's a good sign.

Thinking about getting one of these bags -- maybe the "wallstreeter" before I head to Europe next month. I am looking for one with a lot of pockets and room for storage. Any thoughts?
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I don't use anything right now because i can't find a bag I like.
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I've been using a messenger bag from the Japanese Paul Smith Bag line for the past two or three years. The longer I have it the more I like it. It's held up remarkably well, and PS's customer service is, in my experience, absolutely awesome. A little more than a year ago, the stitching started coming out above the cell phone pocket. I contacted PS's UK offices about it and, long story short, they sent it to the place in Japan that originally made it, fixed the problem perfectly, and overnighted it to me, in the US, from the UK. No charge for anything. Fucking classy.
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I got this Samsonite a while ago and really like it. Much better quality than a lot of the stuff I'd been seeing. And a lifetime warranty.
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I too have my eye on a Paul Smth bag in the future.
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