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Is pink to feminine? I have a very nice pink cotton shirt that I wear with Ralph Lauren Khaki's and I'm getting funny stares.
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Isaac, check out the earlier thread (maybe a month or so ago) on this exact topic- whether pink is OK. That should answer your question.
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It always depends on where you are and if YOU feel comfortable. I know that pink in Europe is nothing special (or feminine) any more, but I've rarely seen Americans wearing this color and I'm pretty sure that a lot of 'em consider it as "gay". I personally wanna impress my surrounding with my clothes, so I would stick to something more classic, more accepted by society. But if you don't care about other people's opinions than you should wear pink wit pride because it's a nice color and looks great with khakis. Although I assume that you care, otherwise you would not have opened this Topic, so if you feel uncomfortable with wearing pink, you shouldn't force youself to just because sombody said it's trendy...
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A touch of femininity often brings out your masculinity through contrast. If you can feel comfortable in a pink, purple, or fuschia shirt, educated people won't look at you strangely. However, in America, the social climate is oddly homophobic. For this reason, people will look at you funny. The key is to not notice. The people you want to know and want to have like you should not care about how 'gay' your style is. I wear pinks and purples often, as they're very complimentary colours, as women discovered a long time ago. You may also notice and point out to other people that top celebrities in America- male celebrities- wear purples and pinks. Brad Pitt, who recently made it with the American male demographic, is one such person. If you want to match at a higher level than khakis, try wearing purple shirt in a suit. You can wear light purple or a subdued pink with a shiny grey similar to the sheen on the suits in Ocean's Eleven. I hoped this helped. --European Interloper
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I would recommend that you hold off on wearing pink until you are confident about it. Regardless of what you are wearing, nothing is as emasculated as a man unsure of himself. I personally like the look of a pink dress shirt under a grey or navy suit. Its a very good way to relax a suit (though not recommended at the office unless you are the boss.) On the other hand, I think that most guys sporting pink this summer will ultimately file it in the "what the hell was I thinking" folder.
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My opinion: Khaki and pink just do not match well...Pink looks better with navy or gray, and khaki with just about anything but pink.... Could be because I used to have a boss who wore that combination as "business casual" and he was really difficult to work for...
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Regardless of what you are wearing, nothing is as emasculated as a man unsure of himself.
That is exactly what I was trying to say. Good statement.
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I think that you can get the same point across with light green, teal, sky blue, or yellow as you can with pink. To me pink says, in the words of Phil Vasser: Winter sure was cold and miserable Cooped up shut down, baby it was pitiful Anyhow, it's over now we owe it to ourselves To have a little fun The pace car's pacing, now the green flags waving Uh oh. Another six pack summer In my own words, "It's spring now and it's time to not be so bleak again. Forget about the people that wronged you or you wronged last year, everything's new. Be ALIVE." My general rule of thumb is you make this statement when wearing Easter M&M colors.
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