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I've been somewhat worthless since catching up on Breaking Bad on netflix. My thoughts are with you
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embowafa what episode are you on now?
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Originally Posted by Omar1223 View Post

embowafa what episode are you on now?

I've been on a two week vacation through Europe. Been trying to watch on my iPad now and then, but I've fallen behind.

I'm currently on S4 Ep8.
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Finished The Wire! Let's get spoilerrific up in this bitch!
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what was your favorite season? mine was probably the 4th. i loved the integration with the kids and school system. i know i will probably get skewered for this but the journalistic side of the 5th didnt do much for me. i was very whatever about it.
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Yeah, probably 4. I started out hating the use of children as the backbone for the season's various plotlines, but it grew on me.

The journalistic side of season 5 was just another example of a system that tends to bury those who want to do what's right and favors those who work the "game". I really liked Gus...a lot.
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i did too actually. some of the things at the end blew me away. michael and dukie's final scenes.

also it was crazy, kernard is the one that kills him considering he was the one arguing with the kids that it was "his turn" to play omar.
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season 2 was my favorite....4 way tie for second after that.
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It's like trying to pick your favorite child...very hard to do.

Season 3/Hamsterdam was out of this world...and it was the last time we got to spend considerable time with the Barksdale crew.
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season two affected me the most. it also felt the most real and was truly tragic.

but i find the corner boys so much more entertaining to watch. the banter is hilarious.
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I like season one because its the most raw. It starts off slow, really fucking slow, and 4-6 episodes (almost half of the motherfucking season) in then it hooks you. And when I mean hooked I mean, stay up till 3am watching two extra episodes (then actually think about watching another episode before falling asleep out of exhaustion). It then builds up and up until the season ending cliff hanger.

Season 1 is the first TV-heroin high you'll ever get, it maybe a dirty and grimy experience at first (4-6episodes) but after that you become a automatic The Wire aficionado: that means you become a The Wire addicted Dope Fiend.
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I had a friend ask me this question a couple of weeks ago, and it's a difficult one to answer. But if I were to choose a favorite season, I'd have to say that Season 1 is my favorite. I love the original Barksdale crew. Avon, Stringer (who wasn't working his own agenda at the time), Wee Bay, etc. etc. That original crew would've wiped Marlo and his crew out.

I loved seeing the maturity of a lot these characters, Bodie being one of those that really sticks out for me. The first season he is just a kid who I couldn't stand and by season 4 he became one of my favorites. I was really pissed when he was killed. That last scene with McNulty was one of the best. "I feel old." When he said that, you could just hear the weariness in his voice. He started out as an obnoxious corner kid and matured beyond his years.

I loved in season 5 seeing Poot working a legit job at a shoe store. I don't blame him one single bit for getting off the corners. And of course, one of the biggest changes was Bubbles. What a journey his character went on. From being an addict shunned from his family and society, to cleaning himself up, taking responsibility and slowly gaining acceptance from his sister (the open door at the end).

The ending is one of my favorite scenes, you see how in Baltimore, the cycle repeats itself. Omar is killed and Michael becomes the new Omar. Bubs cleans himself up and Dukie becomes the new Bubs. Slim Charles basically becomes the main man after patiently waiting in the wings.

What a great series!
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^ That's exactly why I always sort of viewed The Wire as one story with 5 chapters; it may have been to the fact that I watched the entire thing back-to-back, but mainly becuase of the change and growth of the characters. Its like choosing a favorite chapter out of a favorite book; its impossible. Every season had something I loved, and all these things put together is what makes this show so great. I really felt I was there, growing with the characters; for me it was one, long saga.
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^ thats a great way to look at it. im not saying i disliked any of the seasons. all of them were awesome in their own way.

the two scenes that got to me the most in the whole series were bodie getting killed and dukie shooting up with the camera pulling away.
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Season 2 is my favorite I think.
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