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Poll Results: What color shoes do you like to wear the most with a Navy suit?

  • 24% (22)
  • 38% (35)
  • 23% (21)
  • 14% (13)
  • 0% (0)
91 Total Votes  
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Black or brown with navy?

Well, like many other things in life... it depends.

Personally, it's the sum of the parts of an ensemble that dictates my choice.

For example, if my tie choice tends toward either extreme of the colour spectrum (e.g. purple, dark red, burgundy), I'd prefer to go with black; perhaps a full brogue to add more interest.

OTOH, if the suit is a medium blue or gray, I tend to avoid black altogether as it can overpower everything else.

That said, if I were to go sharkskin with a dark, dark navy tie and a white shirt, I might still go with black shoes anyway as the dark of the tie can provide an upper-body counterpoint to the black of the shoes.

No hard and fast rules here, just an understanding of colour balance.
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Originally Posted by Oleg View Post

Also depends where you're going and what you're doing. For a more formal event and/or an evening do, surely it has to black in spite of the brown obsession of some on here (I swear someone from here is going to wear brown shoes to a funeral sooner or later). If you're working somewhere where brown is ok, then go for it.

I've worn brown shoes to funerals before... the guest of honor has never complained... devil.gif
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Black, brown, or brown suede...depends upon the setting.
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With navy: Brown or as a close second choice black
With dark grey: Black
With light grey: Brown or walnut
With khaki: Brown or walnut
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With real navy, I'll generally wear black (but then I was brought up the English way!). With other blues, it depends on the exact shade and just how saucy I'm feeling. I've even worn mustard yellow suede with a blue suit before...

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