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Originally Posted by blahman View Post

No point making another Timberlake thread so here goes:
Been looking at yahoo answers a bit and came across some Hollywood gossip link thing about Timberlake:
I'm seeing royal blue knit tie and double monks?



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Color combo is just bad.

Why are his sleeves always so long? Jacket is a bit too short - even for fashiony standards.

Shoes and tie are nice!
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wow, you guys think jt picks his own clothes? he has a paid stylist to buy him stuff, he probably doesnt even know half the brands he wears. the stylists get paid by brands and free clothes to have celebs wear their stuff.
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Originally Posted by Master-Classter View Post

the issue i have with the jacket is the same one I have with all D&G jackets, it's long and lean but lacks any sort of skirt or shape at the hips. It's like instead of curving or cutting in to create waist suppression and then going out again, it just drops off straight from the inward cut. Looks too heavy in the shoulder and chest but unbalanced by the bottom.
or am I just whistling dixie here...?

Sorry, been away from the thread, but I wanted to pick this issue up.

There is a school of thought that the long, lean cut without a flair at the skirt or heavy waist suppression makes one look thin. If that's what you want your coat to do, then fine. The waist suppression and flaired skirt helps buff up your chest and make you look muscular. Decide for yourself what you want your coat to do.
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