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I am currently getting a custom suit made and on a fitting the other day, I took a picture of the insides.  The cloth is a Loro Piana 130s and fused but it also has canvas at the chest and lapels.  Would this mean that it is a half-canvas or a fused suit?


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1/2 canvass should be fine as long as you take care of it.

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I've done the pinch test many times and find that there are 3 layers including the Lining, wool suit fabric, and the layer in between, but when i pull apart the wool from the material in between i feel and hear a Velcro sound as if i'm pulling apart  a fabric from a weak velcro, it doesn't take much pull to separate.

I was just wondering if this in fact could be fused and i'm totally destroying my suit jacket in doing this or is this canvased?

I'm still not 100% clear on how to check and see if my suit jacket is canvased or fused without opening it up.

I don't care much if it's half or full. it would be nice to know if it was fused or not, thought.

Thank you! 

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For a half canvassed suit, should the Lapels have a third layer in between or not ?


Actually this one of the most misleading things regarding the whole Canvassed/Fused debate. I have read many articles on the internet regarding that matter. You find one saying yes, if the jacket is half canvassed then the lapels are layered, while others say no, layered lapels are only for Fully-Canvassed suits.


This is irritating, really =)

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Well written and informative, thanks you.

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