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Deals on APC in L.A.

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South Willard @ Crescent & 3rd is selling most of their inventory for 50% off right now. APC New Standards and New Cures as well as some nice shirts by Band of Outsiders and some other APC shirts and coats (most of what is left is in the small-medium range).
I got a pair of new Standards for $75.78 with tax! You really can't beat that.
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Will pass by tomorrow or Sunday. Thanks for the info.
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Will they ship?
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Originally Posted by ruben
Will they ship?
Yes. You can't order the APC's online ( http://www.southwillard.com/ ), but I called yesterday and they are shipping me two pair of New Standards today. The saleperson couldn't quote me the exact shipping cost over the phone, however she did say that cost of shipping one pair of jeans 3-day delivery was about $12.00. She was unsure about the cost of shipping two pair but said it shouldn't be more than $20.00. At these prices, I can't complain about the shipping. Thanks for the tip PigeonHustle.
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the APCs are no longer on sale.
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ugh, that's unfortunate. i really wanted a pair of apc ns in a 29...i guess a 30 would do as well..
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Is the Band of Outsiders stuff still on sale? I'll have to call them today.
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