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This Classified is Closed

For Sale:

Will Ship To: Anywhere

i have proxied for numerous members on here ... check out the old proxy thread as well as the feedback below

I can proxy and forward mail/packages to anywhere in the world from the US... I typically charge 10% of value of items (with a minimum of $10) but can work out reasonable requests depending on size/amount of package

PM me for details

thanks & cheers!
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Had a positive experience recently using the proxy service offered by randomkoreandude. He replied promptly, provided followup and shipped the item quickly to Europe.
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I had a wonderful experience with rkd; he is prompt and always stayed in constant communication. He helped proxy an obscure item and that I'm grateful.
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Proxy service worked out perfectly!

Dude should change his name from randomkorean into supernicekorean - would do him more justice. smile.gif
Will definitely use his services again when needed, highly recommended.
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best proxy service experience ive had so faar. great communication and fast shipping. will def do business with again. thanks again!!

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I don't normally trust random Korean dudes, but when I do, I trust this one. Clear communication, item shipped promptly, and I can easily see myself using his services again! Highly recommended.
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damn! I should give you competition and charge 5%. LOL.
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how dare you challenge rkd
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blazing fast. you will receive your items before you've even decided what color to choose!
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Hi, using proxy service is there any reasonable chance to not pay custom in Italy, other than buying from shops who don't ship to Italy, are there significant advantages? thanks
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Just had RKD proxy me something from the Nepenthes store to Canada. First time using a proxy service, everything went smoothly and according to plan. This is great for everyone up here in Canada looking for a way to get a hold of those rare EG pieces only sold in Japan and NY!
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I just received two great Homespun Henleys that RKD was so kind to proxy for me.

Friendly, fast and reliable transaction. A pleasure to work with. I can highly recommend his service.

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Very good proxy, reliable and good communication. Everything did go smoothly, I asked him to measure all the items and when it turned out that one jacket was too big, he returned it for a refund with any problems.
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RKD is a cool guy! We shared each other fast infos about my orders and everything went as planned. His service is more than just to collect the item and send them to you!
Definitely recommend his proxy service
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I see that most people have posted feedback on you here, but I just wanted to let you know that I'm very interested in using your proxy-services. Please do contact me.



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