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I pay $50, plus $10 in tips... I get it cut about once every 3 months, so over the course of a year it dosen't come out to that much.
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I've beeen going to the same place since I was a kid. Its not really a "salon" but its not a barber shop either. 15 bucks plus a 4 buck tip, not too shabby. Anyway, depending on what day go go you could get a different person, which is ok if you know your hair and how you like it. One day I went in there, after years of good and bad cuts, and one of the 2 or 3 people who regularly cut my hair just explained everything- how my hair grew, how to get it one way, all kinds of stuff. All I have to do if I get someone who's never cut it is just explain it to them, in their own "hair cutting terms" . They like the fact that I took the time to learn about it and do it pretty much perfect everytime. And I go every 3 weeks or so... ...Or I did until I decided to experiment with my hair length. Since then I've onlt got it cut once in 6 months for some holiday events I wanted to look really sharp for. Nothing too long, the length that Johnny Depp sports. Other than that I take some of the bulk out with a Pair of thinning shears I bought at a supply shop for 12 dollars. Still experiemnting with that since I usually end up with a lot of really short hairs mixed in with the long ones
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$30 plus $10 tip in a salon run by a bunch of Thai women in NYC's Chinatown. It's the best cut I've had in NYC although I've had better ones elsewhere although at significantly higher costs. I have longer hair so finding someone who does a good job is harder. imho, putting effort into dressing well while sporting a bad haircut ruins the whole effect. dan
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I can't figure out how people cut their own hair. How do you see the back of your head, hold your hair, and cut at the same time? Are you hiding an extra arm?
It's something you get used to.  Even before I started clipping my own hair I trimmed my hair as far back as junior high.  I started shaving my neck(admittedly, it's easier when my father shaves my neck for me) every week back in junior high, and it feels so clean.  Sometimes all this requires manipulation of a mirror.
Yeah, it's really not that hard. Just buy you a $2 dollar mirror at Wal-Mart and hold that in one hand, turn your back to the mirror in your bathroom and go to town. Very easy. I cut mine with a $9 Conair set also purchased at Wal-Mart. You can't beat it, especially since my hair grows so freakin' fast I would go broke trying to have it cut every 2-3 weeks. Kevin
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I get my hair cut every 4-6 weeks, although it is never long at all. I like to keep it short on the sides to make my balding area less conspicuous. Anyhow, I pay $15 for the haircut and tip the lady (she is quite nice and knows me) $5 for a total of $20. When I go back home I pay at least $30 for the same cut.
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Do it myself. Short back and sides, longer on top, with a long pair of scissors. I finish the hairs at the nape of my neck with one of those electric sideburn-cutting things.
I can't figure out how people cut their own hair. How do you see the back of your head, hold your hair, and cut at the same time?
This is the first thing everyone asks, after a second of shocked silence. You know how barbers grab a line of hair between their index and middle fingers, then trim off all the excess so it's all the same length? With a little practice you can do that without looking, you can just feel where it's uneven.
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I have tried it all, expensive, cheap, and home buzz. The simple truth is, barbers and stylists are like every other service profession. Find one you like and stick with em. I currently go to a cheap-cuts type of place. $15- per cut, but I leave a $5 tip, so $20. The hair stylist is a young gal (no more than 22 y.o. or so), she does a a great job.
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In college, my friends would practice on me. I really didn't care because at the end, they would just end up giving me a buzz cut. Right now, I'm trying to get something different but my hair has the texture of a brillo brush. I ended up going to a regular barber shop for $8. He actually used scissors to cut hair, so the wait was kind of long. But, he was seriously dated from the 70s with a open shirt showing lots of chest hair.
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I pay $17 for a cut and usually give my girl $25 and let her keep the change. The salon itself isn't that talented overall, but the girl I go to is very good. For colour, it comes to 80 something.
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I just slap a #1 on the razor and go to town. I need to shave about once a week though because my hair grows incredibly fast. It easily doubles in length in that amount of time.
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I have a friend who is a beauty-school grad, she does coloring and everything for me for free. She was offered a chair at Rhys in Hillcrest, which was named the best Salon in the USA for 2003. But I usually tip $30. I get my hair cut once every 3 or so months, as I have long hair so it takes awhile for me to really need a new cut.
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I pay something like $11, and that's including a shampoo to rinse the clippings out of my hair. The great thing about Korea is, you don't tip.
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<gulp> $70, plus a $10 tip.  I have very fine hair and a round face, and the classic men's barbershop haircuts always looked silly on me.  Then I tried bargain salons, supercuts, etc. with mixed wasn't the barber's crew- or bowl cut, but it still looked silly.  Finally, I concluded that my silliness was intrinsic, and found a stylist who's skilled enough to disguise it ;-)  It may be pricey, but I ain't switchin'. Since it's a longer-wearing style, I just stretch the interval to 3 or 4 months, so it doesn't work out to be too expensive on an annual basis. Adam C.
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