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Just thought I would let you guys know that Carmina starts selling shoe online recently?
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But the online site doesn't seem to allow for deduction of VAT for those making purchases from outside the EU.
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I have let Betty know of this issue, and she said they are in the process of correcting the problem...

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Anyone have any experience with the accuracy of their sizing equivalence chart? I would swear I tried on a 42.5 on the Rain last in their Paris store and it fit perfectly. In US sizing, I am between a 9.5 and 10, but Carmina says their 42.5 is equivalent to a 9. Also, does anyone know how the Forest last fits vis a vis the Rain last, particularly regarding width?
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Why don't they punt the whole collection in the online shop?
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Has the removal of VAT been fixed? I am not doing a wire transfer
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When I tried earlier today to see what would happen, it did not appear to remove the VAT. I did not complete the purchase however.
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They need more angles for their product shots... cloud.gif
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