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For Sale: /Mr.K's Lapel Flower Thread-7/20/2014 UPDATES-NEW COLORS ADDED

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$20 (USD)
send a PM to take the next step.

For Sale:
/Mr.K's Lapel Flower Thread-7/20/2014 UPDATES-NEW COLORS ADDED

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Just time for an update to put all my flowers and lapel additions on one page, instead of multiple adds.
First is my original 5 petal design that sells for 3 flowers for 20.00 in the US and 23.00 for out of the US. They can be made in any color combos that people want and can have a button or pin back. Pin backs are an extra $0.75 for each back. I am also still offering to seal orders in peoples own initials if they would like to give them as gifts. That service is an extra one time fee of $8.00, which covers the cost of buying the stamp. After the first order I will have the stamp and all other orders can be sealed with your own initials. Flowers are @1" in diameter

NEW NAVY BLUE & Blue Textured Flowers-Added 7/20/2014

I just wanted to add some new photos of the navy blue petals and the combination of the design 1&2 flowers, which came out well.

FLOWER 2- Purple Added 7/20/2014
The second design, which will be sold in sets of 2. They can be made with a button back or a pin back. The pin backs will be 0.75cents for each pin back. The flowers can be made with or without the green ribbon. The flowers will be $21.00 for the pair shipped in the CONUS and $23.00 shipped out of the US.
These come in white, purple, red, black, orange, light green and grey
Flowers are @ 1" in diamter


This is the first realistic 3D flower I started making. It is available in Navy, Heather Grey,Purple,Off White, Brown and Pink. The flower is roughly 1" in diameter and comes with a button on the rear. It is felt. It is also handmade like my other designs and will make a great addition to anyone's fall wardrobe. Asking $10.00 shipped in the US and 12.00 out of the US each and they will be shipped in a hard box with a wax seal, so they can also be used as gifts. Price includes first class shipping, priority is also available, at $5.50 extra. Please feel free to IM with any questions.

I am also bringing back an older design that I stopped making for a few months. They are just under an inch and can be made with or without the green ribbon attached. They are folded ribbon. I am going to sell them in a set of 2 for $16.00US and $18.00 out of the US. The will come with a blue and red color shown. They can also be made with pin backs for an extra .75cents each.

I have had many requests for a larger flower to add to my offerings, so I came up with this 1.25" crocheted flowers. The flowers have a pearl finish bead in the center to add a little touch of class to them. This design will be offered only with the button back. The buttons used are natural MOP. The new flower will be $11.00 in the CONUS and $12.50 out of the CONUS. For the first release they will come in the blue pictured, but i am working on more colors and a second crocheted style for the spring.


People have asked for larger sizes, so I brought out this 1.5" flower. The are a very realistic design and will first be done in the purple and white pictures. I will be adding colors as I get more material and time to make them. These will be made on buttons for now, but I am working on a way to get a pin back on them to give people more options. I am asking $12.00 shipped in the CONUS and $14.00 outside of the CONUS. Please feel free to IM with any questions of if interested in other colors. They will come packaged in the same boxes as all my flowers with a wax seal, so they can be used as gifts.


After the ladies at my part time job showed me how to make the flowers with a cutting machine we sell, I decided to add some larger flowers to the mix. I hope the larger size will work for those that have inquired about bigger size of flowers. I made up a batch in 4 colors to start and will add to the colors as requested. These are 1.5" in diameter and will have a button back, but i am working on a pin also, for those with out a lapel hole. these can also have the pearl bead added to the center. Asking 12.00 shipped in the US and 13.00 shipped out of the CONUS.
The colors I have made are navy, purple, deep red and an antique white.

The ladies at my part time job have showed me a new flower design to offer. This new design is about 1" in diameter and is a 3D design. I am using wool felt on these, so they are a bit more refined than my other designs that do not use wool felt. I have 2 colors made up for now and will add colors as people request them. I am starting with Navy, which has been the most asked for color in any of my designs and a pinkish red for the summer months. These will come with a button back, but can be also made with pin backs. I am also offering these with or without the pearl center. Pricing will be $11.00 shipped in the CONUS and $12.50 shipped out of the CONUS. The pin back will add $0.25 and the pearl center will add $0.50 per flower. Please PM if interested. Also please post here if there are colors you want, so I can get an idea of what color felt I need to order to make more flowers.
photo<br /> 001_zpsb8d77651.jpg

A pic of a new order with 3 flower designs and a new lapel bead design for multiple heads.
The last item I would like to add are the lapel decorations/lapel beads that I found pictures on the web and decided to make a few and see if people would like them. They are made with 2 different end parts, so they can be worn either way. The one pictured is made with smaller 3mm beads, but they can be made with larger 4mm beads of almost any color I can get. I have enough supplies to make 2 more of the style pictured. I can also get chess pieces and owls. those are the ones that I have found and can look for more to add if people want them. I am asking 25.00 shipped for these. Please PM if interested and if you might want other colors of beads.


FOR ORDERING: Please either use IM or I can be contacted at
WHEN ORDERING PLEASE INCLUDE THE FOLLOWING TO HELP MAKE THINGS EASY FOR ME 1. Put your SF name, the type of flowers you want and the color choices of flowers in the notes section of Paypal. 2. Please include how you want the flowers to be mounted. Mounting methods can be mixed in orders, just please be specific. All styles of flowers can have pin backs. If ordering the felt flowers please make sure you put your petal and center choices. All orders will be made to order, so you can choose the flower and mounting for each flower. For ease of ordering my Paypal address is Any orders can be taken care of by sending payment to that address and I will fill the orders and ship them as I receive them. I should be able to ship 2 times a week to keep people from having long waits. I am also asking if people can post here when they receive their flowers and their thoughts of them. Pictures would also be appreciated. Thanks for looking and I hope to be able to make many more of the flowers for those that are interested.
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I could not have picked a better opportunity for my first post on Style Forum. I just received my first order of Mr. K's lapel flowers and what can I say he now has a customer for life. Gentleman, these flowers are the real deal and they add that final piece of color/style that is always needed when dressing to impress. Mr. K was very easy to communicate with, filled and shipped my order immediately and I got my really cool flowers within a few days. Needless to say, I can't wait to buy more! Anyway, enough of my praises and now please support this valuable member of the SF community.

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Received mine beginning this year. They are really great, thank a lot! icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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Just received mine in the mail, thought I'd share some pictures.


Thanks Mr. K!
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I am very impressed. You really take pride in your work, that is very admirable. 

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Originally Posted by davesmith View Post

I am very impressed. You really take pride in your work, that is very admirable. 

Thanks for your kind words. I do want to assure those that order are satisfied.
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I received my order this week and I am quite happy with it. I ordered some in the past and the quality has improved since the last time I purchased. Thanks again.

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Thanks for posting your orders, wonderful stuff!
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I received these beauties in the post today. An absolute bargain.. I definitely plan on getting more..
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Glad to see you like them and they got to you in a timely manner. Sometimes out of the US they can be a little slow arriving.
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Yeah, I have an event this weekend and really wanted to have these in time so was hoping that the post office hadn't lost them. Great pieces though, I've already mentioned your products to a few people and you may have some extra UK orders coming in soon. fing02[1].gif

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Sounds good. Post some pics if you get a chance.
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Got mine in the mail today! Very impressed! Great doing business with you.





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