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New Years

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What are your plans for new years?

I don't have any yet
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Just a smallish house party. My first New Year's being single since I was 18. Pretty depressing. Someone please come up with something better.
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I am in a bad position. I have been invited to two places but they both look awful.

I guess I will tell both of them that I am going to the other one and end up going to neither. I don't like to be hypocrite but they wouldn't appreciate the real answer, I'm afraid.
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Hmm FLmountainman, bring a couple of bottles of the bubbly and hope to god there's a single cutie there and resharpen your game on her. Otherwise grab a few friends and go to a club if you can spare the money and/or are 21

Histrion what are you gonna do insted?
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Originally Posted by Jodum5
Histrion what are you gonna do insted?

Hum, I'll see. I'll call some friends soon to see what they are doing. The worst case scenario is I'll stay home and watch movies, which still strikes me as a better option that the parties to which I've been invited. I think I'll wind up in a bar with a few friends and that's it.
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I've never been big on new years. I plan to spend mine at the office working overtime!
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Going to see the Bengals crush the Steelers.
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Times Square... would be weird if I had any other plans considering it's my first time in NYC.
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Me and the girlfriend have tickets to a place called The Aqua Turf here in CT. Nice place, will probably be around 2000+ people there in different rooms. My parents also will be there in a different room as well as many friends so it should be a great night. Great food, open bar all night, live bands and DJs, and midnight toast. A friend rented a bus for our 4 tables to go together so that should be nice. I am hoping it doesn't rain so there won't be any black ice in the morning. A bunch of other friends are having a big house party, I wish I could go there after, but I don't think I'll be in any condition to drive there. Man I went to NYC last night, it was already getting pretty crazy, even though it was 2 nights before.
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since we tend to go out a lot the rest of the year, NYE is usually spent indoors.

we're having some friends come over and are gonna do a marathon of Blind Date:Uncensored (the tv dating show, not the Bruce Willis movie)
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So far I got friend who was supposed to be haaving a party decided to go to Canada tomorrow. Worst case scenario I end up at home w/ the girlfriend..
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Originally Posted by knucks
Worst case scenario I end up at home w/ the girlfriend..
Be sure to tell her that she's the worst case scenario.
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Finally, I'll just play poker with old pals I haven't seen in over a year. I don't feel like partying too hard, I have done enough of that with the end of my semester and Christmas.
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