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and sorry but LOL to the OP on contacting RL Cust to verify a sales person in taiwan...


Come on now...seriously you've never worked in a corporate setting before?

First...Customer Service agents have no access to this stuff (they are mainly there to take payments, upsell if they're good, and note down your complaints to be solved by a supervisor), even if you miraculously got a hold of an HR manager, she will need to get with HR in Taiwan and if she gets it, she will not divulge such information to you even if you're trying to report a fake. So it is actually too much work to verify one shirt, from one caller, asking about one seller, from a foreign country, which might actually be just an authorized retailer whom they have absolutely no control the end after thinking for a few seconds, it's just an absolute waste of time. The innocence is quite amusing.

Good fakes are not made in a sweat shop you've see on TV, they're done inside their own sub-contractors factory. To an avg consumer, who probably never cared to know things that happen behind the scenes, you thought it you'd be helping RL and cursed them because they didn't acknowledge your report but in actuality they know this already but they are having a tough time finding out which of their thousands of workers behind a sewing machine is smuggling. They didn't ignore you but you were basically preaching to the choir.


I got the sense that OP contacted RL to alert them of the fraudulent practice under the guise of their brand more so than to verify the customer rep. But you have to respect the tenacity. Obviously, [from my own experience] feeling like a victim to a fraudulent purchase tends to inspire such vigor.