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help choosing jacket

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sorry to make this post guys, but i need some help deciding cuz i can't trust my own decisions sometimes. i like these three jackets below and need help deciding on which one (possibly two) to go with.



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I like all three, but I'd probably choose in this order: 2, 1, 3.
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I've been wanting number 2 for awhile. It's lined and possibly the warmest. 1 and 2 have the best construction ie quality with 3 being last.

edit: I thought number two was this one not what you posted
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I prefer 1-2-3 in that order. Depends on how warm/thin you want them to be and how lined they are.
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one is rag and bone? its on sale at barneys coop (beverly hills) is the 3rd one surface to air? i saw it onsale at american rag cie (la brea)
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i went ahead and got the first one (it is indeed rag and bone) since it was a great deal at barney's, marked down to 180. also bought two pairs of apc's for 70 each. little worried about the sizing on the apc's, but i guess i'll just ride it out and see what happens. the black pair in size 32 are snug and i couldn't go smaller. the brown stretch corduroy in a size 32 were loose though so i went down to size 30 to get a more snug fit. the size 30 corduroys are still looser than the black 32's though.

here in houston you only need a jacke for maybe 4 wks out of the year. a rain jacket is much more appropriate.
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Did they have more of that jacket? I've been looking to get one, myself, but I'm nowhere near a Barney's. I bought one on Active Endeavors but I want to return it and find it cheaper somewhere because I still ended up paying ~350. If I can find it cheaper somehow, I'd jump at the chance.
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they only had one small left at the houston store and i can't imagine too many being left at that price

i guess you'd just have to call around to the actual stores and see if they'd be willing ck stock and ship it to you from the store. if i recall correctly any store should be able to check the entire database on what others have.
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Thanks, I guess that's what I'll have to do.
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Yep the first is what I would've gone for, then no. 3

There's something a bit too feminine about the 2nd one.
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What is the name of the 1st jacket from Rag & Bone? I love it...I'll have to call around too.
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It's the waxed workcoat. Good luck. I didn't have any. I have a medium right now but it's a little too small in the chest and the sleeves are a touch too long. That's what I get for being short and spending to much time in the gym. I hate having to return things.
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PM for you
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