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Suit hangers

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Hi, looking to purchase some decent hangers for my bespoke suits can anyone recommend a good brand?



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Have a look around Hanger Project
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Simply putting 'Hanger' in the search function would have taken you to no fewer that 2140 threads on this subject. You could then have access to so many views. The 'Hanger Project' is number 11 in that.

Self help works wonders....
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If you are a super cheapskate like me, wal-mart has wide suit hangers for $4 a hanger. biggrin.gif
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Hanger Project is of course one excellent option - but I have to say, with no disrespect to Kirby (this speaks well of his great business & marketing, in fact), that the prices have skyrocketed from the early days and there's at least an impression that they are less geared towards being an enthusiast's quality product and more a luxury-marketed option with the price and profit to match.

If you look around, find some hangers from Beverly Coat Hangers - they are the firm that made Hanger Project's hangers at first, and they make very nice stuff. Oxxford uses them, as do H. Freeman & Son and many other high-end makers who still use wooden hangers. http://www.beverlyhanger.com is their website, though they don't do direct sales off that. Check out Amazon and Ebay from time to time - you can find surprisingly good deals. Just since they're usually unbranded, you can pay for six or twelve of those hangers what you might pay for one or two of the, say, Oxxford or Hanger Project branded hangers - only you're getting the same hanger without the label!
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