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are you in Auckland?

I don't put metal taps on any of my shoes, but on about half of them I put a thin rubber layer on the sole. This is often called a "topy" or a "vibram" after the brand names of the thin rubber strips.

I haven't noticed any build up of moisture.

Which cobbler did you go to?
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Yes I am in Auckland. I went to Gemmells on Symonds St. They recommended putting rubber pads on the sole but I hadn't heard of that before so held off. I have since heard from a co-worker that she always puts rubber soles on all her shoes. I was worried that it would destroy the look and feel of the shoe and wear through very quickly. I beginning to be swayed though.

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What you're talking about is referred to as a "sole guard" which could be called "topy" or "vibram". More info here

I've had a pair topied by Gemmells. They do a good job.

It doesn't wear through quickly. Lasts at least a year usually.

it does sorta change the feel of the shoe in that the leather sole doesn't come in direct contact with the pavement.

you can even get them in a colour that somewhat matches that of the sole:

"Taps" are different, they are placed just on the toe or heel, and can be rubber or metal.
sunken rubber toe tap:

rubber sole guard and sunken metal toe tap:

A leather sole is still something I'll prefer, even though it means they wear down a bit quicker.
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Excuse the noob question, but should this (can this?) be done on Dainite soles also?

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Thanks for the advice. I will probably go for sole protectors plus heal taps.

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I use them on my dress shoes. I don't see a a need to resole until I get a hole in the middle of the sole because of them.

Highly recommended.

I wear my casual leather shoes much less than my dress shoes, so I didn't tap them.
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Hi! I just bought a Thom Browne Pebbled Boots. I have never used a shoe with metal toe tips before. Heard its little uncomfortable and make noise when you walk. Any one here is familiar with Thom Browne shoes? I usey put rubber sole on the sole. Should i do the same on the Thom Browne shoes or will it looks weird? 

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I like metal heel taps on my boots. 

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Hale Heel Co is still open and has been making taps for 50 years. not sure if you heard of them?

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