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Best value in men's dress shirts?

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Gentlemen, I have decided to upgrade the dress shirts in my closet.Having made a conscious attempt to buy high quality suits,ties,and shoes,it is,belatedly,time to add finer shirts.Though I wish that I could afford bespoke,that is not an option.Pricier makers like Ascot Chang are also likely beyond my budget. What would you suggest as a more moderately priced, good value in a men's dress shirt? Thank you in advance for your responses.
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I just discovered Zegna for my wardrobe, they have great casual and formal collections. Check out: Zegna Otherwise try Brooks Brothers...
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...and Boss is a must, too.
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RC: This is an area I am uniquely qualified to help with. I'm a dress shirtaholic. The bar in my shirt closet has given way twice during the last 18 months because of my, er, passion. What's your budget? Do you like the traditional look, the British look, or the Italian look? I'm assuming you live in Seattle, possibly Portland? I beg to differ, you might be able to afford bespoke, and IMHO Ascot Chang is NOT the best shirt in the world. In the top 10, without a doubt, but you'd get an argument from several sources as to who's best. Also, if you're buying Boss, stick to their newer, pricier shirts made in Eastern Europe, The ones made in Hong Kong are just so-so. E-mail me if you're interested- be happy to help. Perhaps we can trade info- my dress shoes and underwear selection (based on the thread elsewhere in the Forum) are in urgent need of upgrade.
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For a traditional American style shirt at moderate prices, I would suggest Joseph Abboud and Robert Talbot. If you are willing to look at a little higher range and would like a more elegant, British, look, I would suggest that you try Thomas Pink, whose shirts run about $125, certainly not cheap, but not in the bespoke range either. Burberry London has shirts in the same range and in a similar style. For Italian shirts, Cerruti 1881 makes very nice shirts at realtively reasonable prices (Brioni, Borrelli, Zegna, etc... do make terrific shirts, but their prices are prohibitive to nearly everyone except for the rich or the true clotheshound). Other makers I would suggest are Pal Zileri, Katherine Hamnett (a nice, higher underrated brand for shirts). Although Armani Collezioni is in the expensive range, their shirts can often be found at discount stores like Loehmann's. I would suggest that you take a look around at some discounters. Dress-shirt styles don't change that much from season to season, and you can often get some good deals. At the Zegna outlet for example, you can get dress shirts for $89-125, for shirts that generally range between $195-250. Since you generaly don't try on dress-shirts at the store anyways, I would even suggest phoning an outlet like Zegna's and getting them by mail if you are not close to an outlet.
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Something to consider is the variance in sizes from shirtmaker to shirtmaker. I'm always upset when I buy a 33 inch length sleeve, and they are too short. (And a 34 is too long.) I've found Joseph Abboud to be just right in a generous length of sleeve. And I've found that the neck size does not shrink from laundering to laundering. Also, the shirts have nice, trim fit. Another "traditional" shirt that I'd recommend is Gittman Bros. The Nordstrom label is usually pretty reliable (and not too pricey.) With a Brooks Bros. shirt, I usually have to buy a neck size 1/2 inch larger than what I usually wear. Also, the cut of a Brooks Bros shirt is extremely generous which might not be to the liking of everyone.
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Clarinet Player: Have you tried taking shirts to your tailor? I usually take mine straight to the tailor after I buy them because I know that for 34 length sleeves I will need to take 1/2 inch in on each sleeve. It works really well; she only charges me like $8 per shirt to take in the sleeves. It's well worth it to get the look you like.
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Great suggestions gentlemen. Thank you very much.
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