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Breaking the Ice on First Day of a new job.

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Starting a new job in two weeks time at one of the Big 4. Looking for some practical tips on breaking the ice on my first day with new colleagues and people who I will be sitting with in open plan. This is only my 3rd company change and I only average a change every 4 years so do not do this regularly. It has taken me 3 years at my current place of employment to get to where I am with my network by infiltrating up, down and side ways. Now I have to start all over again.

I appreciate that innitially I will be viewed with suspicion as the new guy.

....and no I am not an accountant or an auditor.
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I strongly recommend you pick a fight with the biggest guy who works there. That way everyone knows not to mess with you.

In all seriousness, what I would probably do is try to keep my head down for a week or two and get an understanding the place. Work out who achieves and who is a derp. Who you seem to have things in common with and who you instantly dislike.. After that, offer to buy them a beer, lunch etc and introduce yourself.. If one of them is senior, offer to buy them a beer after work in exchange for some advice as you are new (start building that mentor relationship.)

Steal peoples lunch
talk about how shit/good your old employer and or colleagues were.
Steal my stapler
Ask stupid basic questions that everyone else knew 12 months ago when the project started in the middle of the meeting. (HOLD THEM FOR LATER)
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Check out:

Great resource about the culture of the big 4 firms (as well as anything accounting related).
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Just act friendly, natural, and appear ready to learn and help. Don't try to impress anyone or act aloof.
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Some good advice so far. I would add, don't express a strong opinion about ANYTHING until folks get to know you, don't present any idea like it's a silver bullet (as someone else has probably thought of it and it was discarded for one reason or another) and just get a feel for the office politics before deciding who to hang with.
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Whip it out and shout "time for an orgy!!". Or maybe do what a lot of peole are expected to do in western corporate culture: go there, be available, listen and gather strategies so that when the time comes you're able to subtle broadcast that you work hard as fuck and deserve a promotion.
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Talk smack, big yourself up, threaten and criticize your coworkers and their methods, and finally hit on some of your new collegues girlfriends or wives.
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