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What does it take to wear a blazer?

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Just as the topic says. What mentality/style does it take to wear a blazer? I always feel as if wearing a blazer is for the older set, say 50+ crowd. Maybe it was all the college professors that I had who always wore blazers. Whenever I wear one of mine, which was probably two times in 2002, I felt too old or that it just wasn't my style.
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This is funny... Last night I went out clubbing and was wearing a deconstructed Dries Van Noten blazer (I'm in college). I ran into this guy who's always complimenting me on my "gear". He's into the urban look and said... " That's a badass blazer, the rest of this club doesn't even understand what dressing well is... they will". It was pretty damn funny because this guy makes me laugh my ass off and even though our styles are totally different, he understood that's it's not the clothes, but how you wear them. I think it's a staple in one's wardrobe. I wear a blazer almost every week (different ones for different seasons obviously) but all of them get a bit of edge from my wardrobe (I don't do chino's with them.). Whether it be a striped Paul Smith shirt or what I wore last night: seven boot cut jeans, distressed brown John Varvatos boots, brown Miu Miu belt that's distressed much like the boots and a white Theory tuxedo shirt from many seasons ago under my olive moleskin Dries Van Noten blazer. It was fairly stylish, comfortable and warm (temp was 0 degrees when I got home in the wee hours). You can dress a blazer up, down or anywhere in between. With that, I usually just wear mine to dinner, clubbing or in the evening. Take care, Pete
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Hey CT Guy I live in Peoria, IL -- 1 more year here at Bradley University. I'm off to live in NYC this May for the summer- I just got back last week from some internship interviews which went well. I don't know exactly where I'm working yet, but things look really good after my interviews (I don't want to count my chickens before they hatch.). If those fall through, I've got some things to fall back on. We'll see I guess.
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Thanks for the encouragement. I'm taking my LSAT in June in anticipation to attend law school in a year from now. I really want to be in the music industry as an attorney someday, but if I can get a job after I graduate, I may do that for a year. I've got plenty of time for this stuff, but it's on my mind alot. I want to learn as much as I can before the time comes. BTW, to keep this on topic I like wearing single breasted blazers more casually than db's. I've still got an old burberry db hand me down I've yet to wear. Maybe I'll break it out this weekend and give it a shot. Take care and thanks, Pete
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I've got a black John Varvatos blazer, styled a bit like a hunting jacket, that I wear pretty regularly - I tend to feel like a cliche when I wear a navy blazer. I feel comfortable wearing it over anything, but generally I'll stick to khakis, and a striped shirt, that sort of stuff.
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Good Luck man... I bet it's a nerve wracking time. I can't imagine how I'll feel then.
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That's a great attitude to have.
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