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Over My Head

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I have recently taken a more vested interest in my personal style and was looking for a good forum where I could get guidance and advice on looking my best.  This looked like the perfect place...till I read more and found you folks are in a class or 5 above me!  I have seen some AWESOME looking shoes/ clothes here, maybe one day I'll actually be able to afford them!   Haha, I feel like a true amateur.

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If you understand how clothing should fit and what colors work well with each other and your own hair and skin color, it's not too hard to look good on a budget.
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Welcome! Get ready to do a lot of learning! SF has a steep learning curve, but it becomes manageable in time.
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take a deep breath and relax. just lurk and read, and read, and read, and then post a little.

start looking around at what everyone's wearing, go to various depts stores and just try on a lot of stuff, and take it from there.
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Just read and experiment and shop and you'll make a lot of progress in the next few months.
Don't let the sometimes arcane discussion that goes on here throw you; if you learn and apply even the basic principles you will soon be dressing better than 98% of the public.
And don't let a limited budget discourage you; lots of methods exist to get excellent clothes at a deep discount- look into using Ebay and similar sites, consignment stores, thrift stores, and online discounters.
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There are many blogs, books, and articles that can help you learn the basics of fit, fabrics, and style. Money does not actually lead to finding your distinct style sjnce fashion does not always mean good style. Learn the basics and aim to purchase quality clothing fpr a flexible wardrobe. More than anything, have confidence and your style will really take its optimum form.
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wow all awesome responses!  thanks for the encouragement.  

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Welcome to Styleforum RagePhish.
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I am relatively new here too (@ 9 mos.) and already things have improved dramatically, sartorially speaking. One thing you will want to really spend time researching is proper fitting shoes. They are not cheap, feel different than the shoes most people wear, and fit can be very challenging if your feet are different sizes. Good luck and have fun!
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