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Originally Posted by DavideMiguel85 View Post

Has anyone seen a jacket in this red donegal tweed before? https://flic.kr/p/jYGiDS

Just trying to picture what it might look like smile.gif


It's not the same fabric, but on my monitor, this jacket in a brick-red W. Bill donegal looks like a very close color match. Should be close enough to give you a general idea of how the color and flecking might look, although I have no idea about the scale of the herringbone on the Molloy fabric. 




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Hi all,


I've ordered my suit fabric in a dark grey donegal:



It's going to be a three piece, I'm looking for any suggestions on what colour shirt and tie to go with it, ideas so far:


1) Blue based tattersall, with blue wool tie

2) Plain white shirt with brown wool tie

3) Plain light blue shirt, ? tie?

4) ? Some mustard in there?


Any ideas welcome. :)

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I think a blue tattersall/navy tie would work. With a solid blue shirt you might want a pattern tie, Hober does some nice patterned challis wool ties for example. I would stay away from a white shirt with tweed, there is an entire thread somewhere here about the overuse of white shirts and personally I tend to prefer blue except for specific circumstances.

Mustard could work I suppose. I don't think too much in terms of colour so I'm probably not the right guy to make suggestions, but burgundy might be a contender somewhere, say in the tie or pocket square. (TBH I usually default to various shades of blue and can go weeks wearing nothing but blacks, greys and blues, especially in winter.)

BTW I've recently bought a (SWD) jacket in black Harris tweed, which sounds weird but it actually comes out as a dark charcoal similar to your fabric there. Not a donegal so there's less variation in tone but it's fuzzier so there's still a lot to look at up close.
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