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During ones pre-dining snifter, certain musical curiosities are played on the turntable.
And, as one does, occasionally the emotions takes over one and, alas, accidents happen.

Such was it that as I was conducting the first movement of Gorecki's sublime Symphony #3 through a veil of nectar-sweet tears and the good lady wife was having her nails polished by Samir, the slightly unstable side table bearing said polish (and a glass of 16 year old Highland) became entwined with ones 'baton', and the aforesaid liquid drenched Dante, who was dozing beneath.

As nothing approaching this event has ever before occurred in the Smith household, would those more versed in responding to such a debacle care to comment on the course of action.

Where , for example, should ones priorities lie: n finishing conducting the piece; refreshing the depleted glass; shouting at the butler stand-in; cancel dinner and take refuge in the mountain lodge until it all blows over? One really is at a loss at how to respond.

Advice welcomed by the Smiths