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By the way, I'm a part-time MBA and a full-time Software Engineer, to clear up why I'm looking for an officer-class watch. The MBA is just part of a shift I'm making from mid-level managment to CIO.

Also, I'm not surprised about all the fake watches, there's a lot of fake business people in MBA programs, too. They've got no background in anything but consider such a program to be a path so success in something... anything.


I'm definitely looking to upgrade the suits as well. However, I'm a bit more knowledgeable and confident in my tastes in that regard.

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speedmaster or an older rolex datejust. buy used and save some coin.
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Originally Posted by Jon68-2 View Post

Great advice all around, guys. I'm looking into a vintage datejust and possibly an Omega Seamaster. I'm a bit concerned about the repair bills though. Do Omega's require frequent (and expensive) repairs? I know a few people with Rolexs who ocassionaly cough up $1,000 or so for repairs. Is the Omega any less costly to maintain?


Also, is there a reputable online resaler for vintage watches?


Thanks again!



having owned a speedmaster in the past and a rolex at present, both are pretty sturdy and absolutely do not need frequent repairs. btw, if you're looking for a vintage datejust, maybe you should also considering a vintage explorer.
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If you really want an expensive watch, I would definitely consider a good used Rolex. If you had to sell it for some reason, you'd get a better percentage of your money back out of it than a new one. Have a look at the Rolex Forums:


B/S fourm. They also have a feedback forum for checking out sellers. I have bought two Rolex watches in the past year, a Stainless Datejust ca. 1982, and a 2000 yr model Submariner, and had them authenticated by a local reseller of used Rolexes. The Datejust was about $2500, and the Submariner was about $3600. Both had recent services done to them, and they work great. Be aware that any mechanical watch will not be as accurate as an electronic watch, but they are built well. Be patient and choose one you like at a price you are willing to buy. I am quite happy with my choices.
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Check out coolvintagewatches.com and Father Time antiques to see other options in vintage watches-you may be surprised at what is available in your price range, even some fine solid gold watches with manufacture movements, such as Lecoultre, Longines, Gruen, Universal Geneve, and Movado (back in their quality days).
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