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Guilty pleasures?

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Ok, some of you may list fashion itself as a guilty pleasure, but I am wondering what labels you may list as one. Mainly those that are not regarded as being of "great quality", or anything else that could be considered to make a label "great", yet you still enjoy for whatever reason. For me I am almost fixated by a shirt company named Damon. A couple of years ago I found a black, short sleeved button down that is my favorite shirt. It has epaulets and is just faded perfectly to me (before I found this shirt I never liked epaulets). Since then I've found other Damon shirts that also appeal to me almost as much. Though they are an inexpensive shirt company they still possess that "something" that catches my attention. So what is it for you vintage Macgregor clothing, or Members Only jackets, or some unknown, modern company?
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I've got a whole drawer full of ties from Tie Rack. Their quality can oftentimes be pretty random, but, on occasion, I pass by the store and a pattern or color will appeal, so I buy one. Come to think of it, ties in general. I probably wear a tie once a month, if that. At this rate, it'll be 10 years or more before I wear them all, and that's making the unlikely assumption I never buy another one.   Cheers, Nick.
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I have a hard time deciding which of my sartorial pleasures are the guiltiest. The whole fixation deserves at least a mild blush, especially since my "rent-a-geek" gig never requires me to dress any particular way, and I'm not prone to high-power socializing. There's something perverse about owning, like, 100 pairs of slacks, while living in a dozen pairs of jeans about 90% of the time. In keeping with that, I have Nick's tie problem. I almost never wear them, apart from a few evenings out in NYC around the holidays. Yet I have around 400 of 'em. So, you could call that a guilty pleasure. In fact, having mass quantities of clothing in general qualifies. I have more of everything than I need, except for underwear"”running out of something vital ensures that I'll do the laundry regularly. But, in Timothy's sense of having a penchant for something "cheap" or "uncool," I suppose there are a few contenders in my closets. I have a number of shirts and sweaters by Tony Lambert, about whom I have been unable to learn a thing. They don't seem to be especially well-made, but the materials and weaves are so distinctive that I like them anyway. TL is sort of like a low-rent Jhane Barnes, for whom I also have a "thing." I have a vintage pair of Hush Puppies in a pale, yellowish beige leather with matching perforated suede vamps. They're so hideous, they're cool. I wear them confident that, sooner or later, Miu Miu will issue shoes just like them. I'm sure I'll think of others as this thread progresses...
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Yet I have around 400 of 'em.
FOUR HUNDRED?.?.?.?.?.?
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I have a fixation with Abercrombie and Fitch jeans. I own a few pairs of them and the quality isn't super great, but its not all that bad either. The fit isn't super great and neither are the washes but I still like 'em.
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I have quite a bit of Structure stuff and I am almost always wear something from a thrift store as some part of my out fit. I also own 3 pairs of versace pants.
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FOUR HUNDRED?.?.?.?.?.?
Uh, yeah. However, keep in mind that I've never even paid close to retail for a tie. The majority were thrift shop purchases for $5 or less. Most of the rest, I got at outlets or discount shops for no more than @$15. I may have splurged on a couple at consignment shops, but even then I didn't shell out a whole lot. Given the labels on most of these ties, I suppose they represent someone's annual salary at retail value, but anyone who's purchased 15-20 ties from the likes of Brioni, Charvet, et al., at regular prices has paid about the same for their collection as I've paid for mine.
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The tie thing seems to be an epidemic of sorts for I have the same problem, yet not as massive as pstoller or Nick. Only 30 or so ties I rarely get the chance to wear. I even have a sub-problem by lately picking up woven square bottom ties when I find them. It seems that maybe the tie is to men like the shoe is to women? Except that I have a ton of shoes too
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I guess my only thing that comes close to a "cheap" guilty pleasure is J. Crew boxers.
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PStoller: God bless you. I thought I had a problem with 150 ties, half of which I had to send to my brother to store/wear when I moved, and none of which I currently wear. Perhaps when the guerilla book tour begins. If I ever finish the damn thing. Generally I've gotten them pretty cheap, but nowhere near as cheap as you have. I applaud both your proclivity and efficiency...
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I thought I had a problem with 150 ties...
Who say you haven't? Let's just not get started on shirts...
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I've got my ties all for basically pennies. About a year or so ago I went into a local Junior League and found 3 Hermes', and a Giorgio Armani tie for a buck a piece. Also able to pick up a brand new Fendi tie for $5, and a Prada one for like $15 or $20 lately. Bunch of those woven square ties for $4 to $7 per tie. I actually want to find a bunch of 100% silk ties of similar color/colors to sow together into a scarf. My local Salvo sells them for like 30 cents a pop. You can't beat it.
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My guilty pleasure is simply finding things at insanely low prices. Now, I have spent retail on a few items that one basically never sees discounted (Hermes winter coats and sportcoats, Kiton sportcoats, stuff like that) but what I really enjoy is finding the great deals, the Kiton ties for 20 euros or the Fray shirt for 50 bucks US.... Besides that, I'd say shirts cut in traditional patterns using wild fabrics. I can't get enough of Paul Smith or Etro, or for that matter Jhane Barnes. Peace, JG
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PS: Re Shirts- let's just say my closet bar has broken twice in the last couple of years from the weight of dress shirts... Joe G: Like those sorts of shirts, too- but have to be 18 in ETRO, and Paul Smith doesn't make 18. 17.5 is way too tight . Haven't seen much interesting JB lately- but really like the shirts I have. One looks like a Jackson Pollock painting....Also, has anyone else noticed that her sizes run large? XL usually fits me great....
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PS: Re Shirts- let's just say my closet bar has broken twice in the last couple of years from the weight of dress shirts...
I once posted pictures of my closet/room where I use those giant metal stoage racks. I got them after breaking my closet bar more times than I can count.
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